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A bird needs a left wing and a right wing to fly. If only the left wing flaps the bird will continue only to go in a circle, going nowhere…. If its opinion. we will list it as ‘opinion’ or ‘editorial’

More Evidence that Most Coronavirus Cases Are Now Weaker than the Flu

“Evidence continues to mount that the new infections throughout much of the country are extremely mild, with the exception of some serious cases coming over the border from Mexico. Those two facts continue to be obscured from our policy debate over containing the virus in the southern states. The governors of California, Arizona, and Texas refuse to recognize that the mild nature of these cases is good news going forward, and they continue to ignore the threat of serious cases from the border….” (Daniel Horowitz) MORE

Dr. Marc Siegel says politics is masking the truth behind spike in coronavirus cases

Medical expert says that the news only tells us that Covid 19 cases are going up … Dr. Fauci is all over the place with his changing views . By the way, how is one man given so much power with such a serious epidemic? And, it appears Fauci may be following the political agency Dr Segal speaks of :

Fauci Troubling Political Ties Exposed After He ‘Signals … Anthony Fauci’s troubling political ties got exposed after he was caught “signaling” CNN’s Jim Acosta at Wednesday’s presser. You don’t want to miss this. President Donald Trump, Dr. Anthony Fauci, CNN’s Jim Acosta (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots) Dr. Anthony Fauci did it again.


What they DON’T tell us is that the death rate, nationally, from Covid 19 is UNDER 700 and not rising per 24-hour period with mostly young people who will mostly bounce back . Segal asks “Why aren’t we told about this?” He answers his own question with one word. “Politics.”


CBS Local – San Francisco:

  • ‘We Have To Enforce, And We Will’; Newsom To Enact Stricter COVID-19 Enforcement, Roll Back Reopenings
  • Not just bars. Not just being out in the streets where people are protesting and the like,’ said Newsom. ‘It’s specifically family gatherings.’

The continuing surge of coronavirus cases in California and the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend will force a rollback in the state’s phased reopening plans and stricter enforcement of health orders such as wearing masks, Governor Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday.

Newsom previewed new measures as California once again shattered its record for new cases of COVID-19, with some 8,300 new infections from Sunday to Monday. Over the last 24 hours, Newsom said there were 6,376 new cases, with hospitalizations up 6.3 percent, ICU patients up 4.3 percent, and the 14-day testing positivity rate increasing to 5.6 percent.

Editor’s Note: HOWEVER, Newsom and media fail to note that the DEATH RATE HAS NOT gone up but remained stable despite the steep increase in cases, nearly half with people under age 40. Also, no explanation is given for the increase in cases other than people not wearing their masks. In fact, a spike in new cases WAS EXPECTED with opening of businesses and the recent weeks of rioting and protesting wear social distancing and masks were ignored for the most part. There’s also no attribution to where Newsom’s CA covid-19 stats came from. There is also a wide variation of how states report their covid stats such as New York and New Jersey with 10x more cases than states like Florida and Texas. Interestingly, we weren’t able to get a recent stat on California deaths. Many states are now calling reported cases as ‘covid-19- even if patients originally came down with other issues first (unlike most foreign countries; another reason why U.S. is skewing high ). With these things in mind we have to question California covid stats.

Deaths per million:

New Jersey: 1,708.7

New York: 1,651.6

Connecticut: 1,212.2

Georgia: 264.2

Florida: 163.2

Texas: 63.

“Biden and Dems Are Set to Abolish the Suburbs – swing constituency in national elections”

Joe Biden, Democratic 2020 presidential candidate and former vice president delivers remarks on health care during a first campaign stop in 3 months at Lancaster, Pa., June 25, 2020


“Joe Biden and the Democrats want to abolish America’s suburbs. Biden and his party have embraced yet another dream of the radical Left: a federal takeover, transformation, and de facto urbanization of America’s suburbs. What’s more, Biden just might be able to pull off this “fundamental transformation.”

The suburbs are the swing constituency in our national elections. If suburban voters knew what the Democrats had in store for them, they’d run screaming in the other direction. Unfortunately, Republicans have been too clueless or timid to make an issue of the Democrats’ anti-suburban plans. It’s time to tell voters the truth. MORE

Did George Floyd Kill Tulsa Cop?

Tulsa OFFICER Johnson, left, has died of injuries after being shot by repeated felon David Ware. OFFICER Zarkeshian remains in critical condition Did George Floyd Kill Tulsa Cop? May sound preposterous but think about this: When split second reactions were required of…

Tulsa OFFICER Johnson, left, has died of injuries after being shot by repeated felon David Ware. OFFICER Zarkeshian remains in critical condition Did George Floyd Kill Tulsa Cop? May sound preposterous but think about this: When split second reactions were required of… MORE

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FAKE-NOOSE-1024x576.png

FAKE NOOSE: ‘Heavyweights of Journalism’ Report at least four fake noose / reverse-racism (anti-white) attempts in recent days:

– Media foments discovery of ‘NOOSES’ hanging from trees at Lake Merritt in Oakland without fully checking out the story. Even after black athlete admits installing the ropes for athletic pursuits, Oakland mayor Libby Schaff ‘doubles down’ on her  concerns over the racist ‘nooses’ (June)

– Likewise, Nascar’s Bubba Wallace comes out against ‘NOOSE’ found in his Nascar garage which he had apparently never seen- similar to those garage door pulldown ropes in other Nascar garages. Media blows up story with Wallace ‘doubling down’ on CNN’s Don Lemon program until finally recanting next day  (June)

– Noose headlines Actor Jessie Smollett in Chicago has to go outside the country to find two African black guys to pose as ‘white supremacists’ in ‘racist’ setup later debunked for which SMOLLETT has still not denied while city leaders have attempted to let him off his own criminal charges. Media falsely blew this one up for weeks in support of the Smollett side of the story Media spent weeks inaccurately blaming Sandman(2019)

– Not a noose story, but another ‘fake news’ one,High schooler Nick Sandman accused of taunting elderly Native American at Washington DC Mall when it turns out the ‘stare down’ between the two was instigated by the Indian. SANDMAN sues and wins multi-million dollar settlement. Media had spent weeks inaccurately blaming Sandman for taunting the man. (2019)

Even Republican leaders are not taking the riots and BLM events seriously, says Tucker Carlson:

BLM rep threatens to burn down America

“This is not a momentary civil disturbance.  This is a highly organized political movement. It is deep and profound ans has fast ambitions. It is insidious and will grow . Its goal is to challenge liberal democracy and western civilization itself. It is an ideology movement …that has incubated on college campuses for decades. We paid for all of it ourselves,by the way, so happy to have our kids get into Duke, ignoring (the radical politics that colleges like Duke) were teaching them. That was one of the gravest mistakes we ever made. We became easy marks for their lines (and lies). 

Even now, we think this is about police brutality and the death of a man named George Floyd. We still think we can fix it by regulating choke holds and deescalation training. We’re too literal and too good-hearted to understand what’s really happening. Our decency is the mob’s main weapon against us. 

(Editor: They (radical left) know how to hijack that  decency with faux events. The Dems don’t want to solve the problems they highlight-they want to run on them, and they’re never happy with the GOP efforts to compromise. Now everything gets ‘thrown on the fire, even the fake ones like the Bubba Wallace fake noose incident, among the latest.)
What’s really bad now is that the media no longer follows up on stories if they don’t fit their narrative. So, for example, these  ‘awful’ noose  incidents quickly are dropped  with a whimper with many still blaming those ‘white supremacists’ for events that never happened. In so doing, AN IRRESPONSIBLE MEDIA IS  EXACERBATING AND PURPOSELY ADDING FUEL TO AN ALREADY RACIALLY-CHARGED SOCIAL SCENE . 

…In many cases the parents of the largely young protestors/radicals are sympathetic to their causes themselves, holdovers or offspring from anarchist movements that go back to the ’60s. Same modus operandi, different names then like Weather Underground, Black Panthers, Black Power,etc. Its the first time we’ve had multi-generations of families that have been ‘born and raised’ on these movements, in many cases-now 50 years later. Pre-1960s traditional American values based on constitutional (and biblical) views of right and wrong have been scrapped for expediency where truth and honesty don’t matter anymore. And the course away from traditional values has never reversed itself in these 50 years that followed the days of the ‘free speech movement.’ Worse yet, things today have gotten worse with even free speech and debate  disappearing -Dems fear debate,e.g. don’t expect to see any with Joe Biden if GOP doesn’t compell it)- along with actual American history including physical buildings, statues, etc.

PARODY based on Biden-Obama recent landmark virtual fundraiser ($7 million)
Obama and Biden Caught Red Handed
-Obama and Biden Caught Red Handed

Which black lives matter exactly?
Its not the black business owners who are having their businesses burned and looted.-Its not the black first responders who were all the rage but now ridiculed and beaten as ‘they cant be trusted’, etc etc

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is FREE-SPIN-TRAIN-affl-1024x509.jpg
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-Stopped by cops while white- I’m going to say something politically incorrect after all these fake noose reports and one-way ‘Jessie Smollet’ accounts…I’ve been stopped over 10 times by cops,usually for something I did wrong. Blacks have a high propensity for traffic violations and reacting back.

-“I think it’s time for both the Democrats and Republicans to stop the petty-bickering, and get down to some serious mudslinging and some serious name-calling…” — Pat Paulsen, Presidential Candidate, 1968  Seriously, Paulsen would be appalled by whats going on today, worse than ’68. I think Paulsen would appreciate Trump at least for his humor, not for Biden’s lack thereof.

– Prez Trump signs bill making animal cruelty a federal felony
First they tear down statues,buildings and art. Next they come after us. Be prepared. Act now. SPEAK OUT. Rioting cost San Francisco alone $7 million according to the controller. We must rise up NOW before its too late> #speakout
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0001-7233973492.png
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– Facebook bans pro-Trump anti-violence ads but leaves up ‘Trump hater’ ads like BLM that espouse violence. Past Time to speak out like Geraldo, Ben Carson, Allen West, REI, Patagonia, Northface even latter 3  misdirected…smirk

-Rioting cost San Francisco $7 million according to the controller

Another reason the dems don’t like trump is that he doesn’t do things in lock step he doesn’t March in lockstep like they do. He doesn’t even always agree with his own people and use fired a number of staffers. He given come in saying he would only pick republicans he actually picked left leaning guys like mad dog and John in a military guy is right man

-Rioting Violence Threatens Black Lives – BLM Whites speaking for blacks, ignoring similar white killings, big death numbers in black communities 


A bird needs a left wing and a right wing to fly. If only the left wing flaps the bird will continue only to go in a circle, going nowhere…. If its opinion. we will list it as ‘opinion’ or ‘editorial’

Shelby Steele, noted (black) author (approximate quote as heard from recent radio review, edited):
The ‘Mob’ has hijacked our words and language, e.g. ‘systemic racism,’ rioters and looters, the latter two now censored from the Los Angeles Times.
When the mob comes, rationality doesn’t matter. Mayn on the ‘wrong side’ are getting scared and some cower to the Left. Others lose the job as the mob tries to erase America as it exists.

‘Overwhelm the system,’ comes from one of the BLM leaders, referring to Black Live Matters, Antifa and others’ Marxist modus operandi. Many or most mellenial supports of BLM have no idea as to their history yet the words sound fair enough.

New Blue Backlash to ‘One-Way Criticism’ of Police by Inner City Officials, Media

People Less Happy Today After 50 Years of Civil Rights Healing and Relative Prosperity – Why and What To Do

‘We Back Blue’: Hundreds rally in Napa and other cities to support law enforcement |

CDC’s Fauci caught in another mis-truth, admits overstating need for masks. It was about concern over shortage of masks for healthcare workers.

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Dr. Birx: 70 testing sites destroyed in U.S. during riots and new covid19 cases on rise as result of not social distancing during riots and protests. PELOSI: It’s Trump’s fault

Seattle cop says ‘yesterday I was a hero,’ now have ‘bullseye on my back’

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Nigel Farage, leader of Brexit until the other day in England when he lost his job for speaking out against black lives matters, which called ‘a Marxist group.’ Noting only 13% of Britain agree that the way the monuments and old historical buildings were torn down was correct but yet the morning show he was on, Good Morning Britain, didn’t agree with him and they had enough influence to get him thrown out of Brexit. NIGEL believes people are mostly against the RIOTING and looting and black lives matter but they’re afraid to speak out . He says we need a leader-Just takes one to start speaking out and a strong voice and more and more including ourselves (B

Seems most major U.S. companies are apologizing to BLM. (editor’s note- Volkswagon apologized for ‘racist’ Video, Disney giving $5 million, just to name a couple, perhaps some to prevent ‘legal’ extortion just as small biz has been putting up pro-BLM signs to keep their store windows from being broken and looted.

LA Times claims words ‘riots’ and ‘looting’ racist. And, iconic Webster is changing definition of racism to appease BLM supporters who called for it. Editors Note: Am i really reading this?)

Social buttons from the 1960s – Things appear not to have changed much in 50 years despite the billions of dollars of social funding and bills like the 1964 President Johnson’s Great Deal / affirmative action bills and many that followed…

The one thing different back in the 60s when todays problems all began was that they still believed in FREE speech THEN (more buttons to follow).

Professor Jacobsen is being targeted at Cornell U for telling the truth of BLM about Micheal Brown who did not have his hands up. It’s a “Cultural purge trying to isolate and attack” conservatives
Hes asking people to speak out for him and others being targeted. He says the mainstream media are not representing half of the public- Time for all those people speak out. (Editor’s Note: FORWARD THIS POST if you feel so inclined

Tucker Carlson of FOX is another being targeted by Media Matters

Also, Mort Klein of Zionists of America …. spoke vs BLM- says
3/4 of Jewish stores in LA were destroyed in riots > support:

Editor Note: Democrats know how to brainwash the impressionable young, who then, with their buddies, take to BLM, a Marxist mob without qualm. People are cowards and follow the sheep.

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Latest News Notes:

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison (seen here with with Antifa leader Luis Marquez) will oversee cop trial in Minneapolis
  • Minnesota AG Keith Ellison – both he and his son support Antifa- will oversee the trial of the 4 cops in Minneapolis ! Ellison was also implicated on spousal abuse last year (editorial note: but that didn’t stop him from becoming Minnesota’s new Attorney General nor overseeing this controversial police brutality case for which we know what side he is on.) He’s already had the charges increased for all four cops before the trial has even begun.
  • 56% of PEOPLE SAY POLICE ARE ACTING RESPONSIBLY OR COULD BE EVEN MORE AGGRESSIVE – As expected, whites have much higher confidence than blacks but other minorities also included in ‘white’count >

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (CA) REOPENINGS — Contra Costa County released reopening dates for indoor dining, hair salons and barbershops, gyms and other services Saturday. According to the Patch, ‘ Hair salons and barbershops will be allowed to reopen June 17, the county said. On July 1 the county ‘will allow’ the resumption or reopening of: indoor dining; gyms and fitness centers; indoor museums; hotels for tourism and personal travel; and indoor leisure venues such as arcades, billiards and bowling alleys. (Editorial note: Surely after suffering three months of financial distress and even closures, restaurants, gyms, etc. are very greatful for being ‘allowed’ to reopen – those still in business, that is.

  • Also in Contra Costa County (rep. Mark DeSaulnier) new social distancing rules allow groups of 100 protestors but limit other gatherings to 10. (Editorial: Does this mean it’s ok for 10 times as many protestors to gather (without likely social distancing) but no more than 10 church goers or other groupings can meet up even in more responsible situations?)

– LOS ANGELES, San Francisco (Mayor Breede) and other cities making plans to defund police departments and transfer money to black families. There are even reports that Minneapolis is considering eliminating police department altogther (New York Post)

– Daily Presidential Tracking poll today shows Black Likely Voter approval of the job @realDonaldTrump is now over 40%. (@Rasmussen_poll)

Schedule for the protests – not set by grieving communities – set by anarchists. from @laralogan

– New Contra Costa County (CA) (rep. Mark DeSaulnier) social distancing rules allow groups of 100 protestors but limit other gatherings to 10

Rod Rosenfield admitted in ‘Graham hearings’ in effect that he kept Robert Mueller on the job even after learning in May there was no Russia collusion while denying knowlege of many things McCabe and others said were true

– Miles Ferguson, failed British modeler of SARS admits covid19 predictions wrong in US, Sweden and beyond. Sweden GDP has gone up despite. Another incompetent propped up by govt just like Fauci

  • ‘Police officer 18x more likely to be killed by
    blacks as blacks killed by cops(Wapo police reports 2019)
    9 unarmed blacks killed by police in 2019. Police officers 18x more likely to be killed byblacks as blacks killed by cops(Wapo police reports 2019)
  • Gun background checks set alltime high in May due to riots and covid19
  • You guys killed my sister!’: Woman fatally shot while leaving protest — and her sister blames protesters in angry, tear-filled video‘A protester shot my sister! A protester! You’re so mad at the police that you’re hurting everyone else!’
    You wont see this on mainstream news or the three black cops killed this week by rioters
‘You guys killed my sister’ Jasmine or Italia Kelly depending on which ofnonlybtwo reports weve seen on this

You guys killed my sister!’: Woman fatally shot while leaving protest — and her sister blames protesters in angry, tear-filled video‘A protester shot my sister! A protester! You’re so mad at the police that you’re hurting everyone else!’
You wont see this on mainstream news or the three black cops killed this week by rioters

  • 2 Questions-opinion:
    -100 1 years ago Anarchist fire bombed major cities across America causing great destruction and loss of life. It’s happened many times since . Will we ever learn?
    -How can protesters get permits without social distancing and masks yet we law abiding people cannot eat in restaurants¿ #newnornal
  • DON’ LET A GOOD CRISIS Go To WASTE’ Pretty weird to hear on the news, as if a weather forecast, that there will be ‘expected rioting and looting
    tonight’ in Bay area CA counties. Do mayors and Gov really care enough to finally call in The National guard since city cops cant or arent handling things? Time for Trump to institute 1807 insurrection law and bring in Guard #newnormal #dontletagoodcrisisgotowaste
  • Over 10 cops have now been shot at with at least 2 killed compared to 1 black killed by cop. Whats wrong with this picture? The Dims and media say its Trump and white supremecists doing all the rioting. Makes no sense as usual. Fake news.
  • Lockdown having double neg affect… not only not worki g according to ABC it upsetting people stuck home getting frustratew losing mo ey. And possibly contrubuti g to new unrest on streets . People have nothing to do…foisted by dems
  • Meanwhile Dems getting what they want…permanent underclass dependent on Govt. More Radical than1968. No Antifa then
    You have Dems like De Blaciso no lomger caring about law and ordser encoiraging . MeanwhilenDems are teying to say white supremcists causing the problem!
  • Opinion question: How come rioters and protestors dont get criticized for not wearing masks.? Many health care workers including from John Hopkins signed a letter that , if it came down to o e choice, its better to ‘protest for the cause’ than to social distance i
NAMELESS’ OAKLAND CA federaL office guard SHOT by protestors/ rioters in Oakland one of 11 innocents killed during protests . One man was the beloved owner of a Louisville barbecue restaurant who provided free meals to officers. Another was a man known as “Mr. Indianapolis,” a former star football player. Yet another was a federal officer working security during a protest pictured above. We dont even get names of most of these folks in mainstream media. Italia Kelley pictured below as Jasmine Kelly is the name given for young woman killed in Davenport IA yet reported as Jasmine Kelley in another. At least there were mentions in some media like KTLA
  • How about some coverage for dozens of police and others killed and injured –all you hear is Floyd all day ..let’s hear a little Media coverage for Underwood and also a police officer in Grand Forks Michigan and innocent bystanders like Jasmine Kelley Thsnks amy
  • Even ABC now
    Admits that the lockdown isn’t working yet we’re still locked down at least here in California
  • Suddenly, where is the lockdown? Nothing for the Dims a riot wont quell?. ABC even now admits lockdown had no affect on coronavirus. Dims tried to pull the wool again with their artificial covid panic and now they gotta come up with yet another way to knock off Trump. Riots? What next?
  • Why is it the riots are happening mostly in blue states just as race relations got worse under Obama? Dims don’t know how good they have it under Trump until they ruin everything and its gone >
  • Rush to judgement – the so-called ‘killer cop’ Chauvin didn’t necessarily kill Floyd as has been ‘mis-reported‘. First medical exam: ‘combined effects of being restrained, potential intoxicants in Floyd’s system and his underlying health issues, including heart disease’. Not surprisingly (editorial comment), the family did its own autopsy to get a more ‘family friendly’ outcome >
  • Race Relations ‘As Bad As The Jim Crow 1950s’ but it goes both ways-
    Bad Apples in Every Bunch Can Be Reduced
    -2 sides to story – Police forces have shown great discipline but will never get credit >
    #2020riots #racism
  • Its All About Perception and What you Want to Believe and Not Seeing Both Sides of Story – Most police forces have shown great discipline but will never get credit > #2020riots
  • And Why have Public officials suddenly forgotten about social distancing? It was such a big deal before the killing and riots but now nobody even talks about it .
    And of course the rioters could care less so you’ve got every most major cities risking another outbreak
  • And to add insult to injury, the so-called ‘killer cop’ Chauvin didn’t even kill Floyd as has been widely reported in the mass media as fact. According to the prelim autopsy report t autopsy.

  • The papers also said that an autopsy revealed nothing to support strangulation as the cause of death. The exam concluded that the combined effects of being restrained, potential intoxicants in Floyd’s system and his underlying health issues, including heart disease, likely contributed to his death.

GUIDE TO A HAPPIER LIFE- Turn Off the ‘News’

Or at the very least, make sure you follow a ‘balanced’ source. This can be very difficult but there are a handful of sites and media that make effortz to report ‘both sides of the story. ‘

We grew up in an era not too long ago when newscasters like Walter Cronkheit and Tim Russert stull put aside their personal politics and reported the news from both sides. They wouldn’t cherry pick their sources to spin the news as its done today.

On a national TV and print level its difficult or impossible to find single sources of unbiased media but on the local level there are still some city news sources that do a pretty good job being fair to the news. There are also some ‘amalgam’ websites like Real Clear Politics that will provide daily reviews from both sides, i.e. Republican and Democrat , or will report stories that don’t fit the mainstream agenda as you will find in Rest of the Story. However, even with sites like RCP there is the situation that most media skew left and even RCP will often show a multitude of sites, for example, in Polling; since most sites are left leaning the consensus will be skewed left. You’ll need to do some careful choosing.

Rest of the Story
NEWSitorial: Why Blacks Are Unhappy
We welcome views from all sides of the story

Guest Editorial:

Blacks today are unhappy. They’re unhappy that promises have been made to them and never kept . Going back to slavery, democrats have blamed the Republican party but in truth it’s the democrats that have made the promises have not kept them and was the Democrats who began IT all with slavery . Republicans actually improved blacks lot until the Democrats take it away like in the case of this rioting which has closed even more businesses than were already closed, including black businesses. You don’t see many democrats speaking out against the rioting and it’s happening mostly in the blue states . ‘Racism A parallel could be 1968 and the 1992 Rodney king feeding frenzy when riots nearly destroyed the country; Detroit still hasn’t recovered. At the same time Republicans try to do constructive things
like lowering unemployment and giving tax breaks to blacks, though Democrats will never admit to this. . Check your oldl history books before the schools rewrote history and one will find that it was blacks who were the initial slave owners who initiated racism.

Coincidently there was also a moon landing in 68 much like our space station initiative this year but it was too much success for the democrats and they decided to eventually scrap the whole space program .until Trump resurrected it . Then it became time for another try at ruining things by the democrats. the democrats don’t want Republicans to have too much success . Apparently Trump has been too successful and so the democrats have spent his 1st 3 years laying out every possible trap to bring him down including impeachment , Ukraine, the extended covid-19 and now fomenting the riots and the virus. As is The Democrats montra ‘Don’t let a crisis go to waste’.
That’s what you get with the Democrat party. If you want to hear this whole concept of white privilege in white supremacy you should listen to one black radio talk showS like the Breakfast Club -you will see what has become of the current Democrat party , particularly the black wing.

A bird needs a left wing and a right wing to fly. If only the left wing flaps the bird will continue only to go in a circle, going nowhere.

It’s always the race issue many of us they grew up during well any of era has been affected by a race adversely . if anything , blacks have a better chance than most whites today. I can name any number of whites who were denied jobs and promotions during the era of Affirmative Action- which continues to this day. I am one of those.

Going back to racial riots which have been the democrats Ace in the hole primarily when there is a Republican president and the difference in then and now is that back then the crime actually was reduced in most cases. The National guard would stay for weeks or months now please has been devolved and the protesters/writers run the insane asylum today and destroy their own cities with the organized Antifa-style rioters funded largely by Democrats like George Soros.

Meanwhile much of the Antifas and rioting program can be found right on the Internet and instead of Mr Faceberg and Twit taking it down so it’s easy for anybody to join the radical element and insure more future societal destruction. .

Democrat Buzz Words: ‘Systemic Racism,’ ‘White Supremists,’ ‘Racism’

Back when people found time for each other…
a time of kindness and courtesy…
back when we would sit in the shade and find faces in the clouds…
back when we were more innocent…and free….

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-More To Riots and BLM Than Meets the Eye, Fake Noose

On Covid-19, Polling Inaccurate Reporting – and Why People More Likely To Share Misinformation Than Believe | Wake Up America