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BREAKING: 3rd World Voting – Computers are Controlling Your Votes- ‘Tuesday Night Miracle’ Debunked with Trump Legal Vote Gain

Major history that will affect your life is happening under your nose but you probably don’t even know it because you follow the the mainstream media – a network of butt-kissers, if you will, where people are more concerned about keeping their jobs and status than their integrity (if they still have any). Only on talk radio where content is king and egos are left at doors can you learn truth today, with a few exceptions (Newsmax, Parler and some websites such as Real Clear Politics).


After reading below you will want to call your state legislators right away, i.e. senators, congresspeople, reps etc., and tell them ‘you must not certify this election,’ who are the final word on the vote ( As of this morning more Illegal ballots are in then Joe Biden’s lead with president trump’s lead growing.)

It is becoming clear what Trump attorney Sidney Powell stated several days ago, that the ‘Dominion’ computer system (owned and controlled by people including Senator Feinstein) is able to change votes by someone simply switching a button from ‘Trump to Biden’ . (Dem) precinct managers know how to do this

Just learned today
An engineer and scientist did an audit of voting machines in nkrmally heavy GOP precincts in 4 counties in Michigan and ofher states. In Michigan expample, Trump votes made a ‘linear transfer,’ (or weighted tabulation) -a computer feature- that gave Biden 138,000 of Trump votes. Those computer ‘glitches’ that just happed to go Biden’s way are not glitches but a feature that a long- time feature of these computer machines.

Democrats, who run most of the voting precincts appearespecially guilty of knowingly covering up and the GOP of not being more involved and aware of the purported deception..

But the media  is as much or more complicit for so long failing to dig into the truth or reporting what they may likely already know.  How can otherwise intelligent people who include scientists and engineers fail to speak the truth that they're paid to do on issues so important to every America?


trump will win by 2-3 million votes

See below video-BANNED- and / or attached summary

STOP! You probably don’t have any idea where things stand in the election and you probably think Trump has lost from all the misinformation/false rumours and brainwashing you’ve received-unless you read this and Watch(ed) video(s) below , paticularly first one, Sunday Morning Futures (11-15) with Maria Bartiromo. Things are happening behind the scenes… you believe the election is over, watch this late breaking news from Sunday Morning Futures (11-15) with Marie Bartiromo and watch Tucker Carlson below. Especially pay attention to Sidney Powell, following Rudy Giuliani. (POWELL is the attorney who was able to finally spring Michael Flynn).

Trump Lawyers Confident of Evidence to Back Up ‘Stolen Election’ Claim, Trump Win by 2-3 Million Votes

Evidence is still coming in ‘like through a fire hose,’ says Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, in support of the Trump voter fraud allegations, with ‘hundreds of thousands’ of pieces of evidence.

Chief among them are the voting machine concerns.

Even many conservatives have given up hopes of a Trump Presidential win because they’re drinking the mass media koolaid. One can’t avoid the anti-Trump reporting these days

Yet, 70% of conservatives still believe the election was rigged, according to recent Gallup survey

recount sham, election, voting fraud
Georgia recount is expected to finish up shortly but don’t expect much new. Even the New York Times has spelled out the Dems’ modus operandi , noting that it will be too late to match ballots to envelopes since they’ve already been separated. They’re merely ‘recounting the illegal vote,’ is the way Trump lawyer Lin Wood puts it . Wood is trying to stop the ‘SHAM RECOUNT’ at this time. Wood says Trump should have a 70% landslide victory when it’s all done,
Georgia is facing the same case as in Pennsylvania where the courts tried to change the laws instead of the legislature. ‘They want to overthrow the government in the disguise of an election…The driving force is Communist China,’ says Wood, ‘American people need to wake up and I think they are…and we will win. Just takes time.’ ‘America will learn the truth soon that President Trump won an overwhelming victory.’ (Lin Wood on Mark Levin radio program 11-17}

Powell with Bartiromo:

‘Enough evidence to launch a criminal investigation.’

Ret.admiral Peter Messenger was both on the board of Smartmatek, the company that owns the Dominion voting machines AND Bidens election board.

‘Millions of votes were changed.
These voting machines were designed to change votes, done on purpose. ‘ Powell says there’s so much evidence it’s like ‘ coming in through a firehose’
‘Hundreds of thousands’ of pieces of evidence have come in already…

It’s ‘all about the software,’ says Powell…even the manuals show how votes can be changed or deleted…and its not just the Dominion machines but machines used in other states where Dominion wasn’t used.

I don’t say things ‘if they can’t be proven,’ Powell stated emphatically when confronted if there was enough proof. She was very upset with our government for allowing these voting machines even after Democrat Senators Warren, Klobuchar and Connally had reported these machines.
Kickbacks were involved, too, says Powell. NSA Programmer corroborates above ‘corrupt’ voting machine info

‘Even the CIA is involved
-GINA Haskell should be fired.’
And the FBI had been informed about this,too, said Powell.
‘People who bought these machines (Dominion) knew exactly’ what they were getting.’
One advisor told other states not to use Dominion machines but they went ahead anyway, noted Powell.

POWELL SPOKE OF THE MACHINES’ ‘BACKDOOR’ FEATURE WHERE ‘ VOTES CAN BE WATCHED and changed in real time. Biden wasn’t kidding he could assure the election,she said, ‘even in his demented state.’

Powell noted the machines were set to give a 67% ratio of votes for Biden. POWELL SPOKE OF a statement from a witness (perhaps retired NSA worker in the video below) who knows all about the machine, used in many corrupt countries.

Powell made sure to say, in closing, that the two lead attorneys were there for the long run:



Dominion machines were employed in all of the ‘battleground ‘ states (from above, Bartiromo video)


25 Reasons Trump Likely To Overturn President Election Result and Win

It has been said that the difference today between a Democrat and Republican is, for example, a Democrat will wear a mask without comment when Gov Newsome tells him to whereas a Republican will first ask ‘why?’ It’s the same media that covers for proven lies like the Biden-China money launder
or the Jeff Epstein cover-up.

Dems are ‘followers’ who have no compunction to lie, cbeat, take things out of context,etc. , to move an agenda. Republicans are less likely go along no matter what . Some of the smartest people in the world are followers and , unfortunately, many of our news people such as, for example, Gayle King, Major Garrett and Oprah Winfrey who have, unfortunately, been behind a lot of this support for the Democratic/media narrative. What close to the problem we have people like election overseers Guy Wolf and Josh _ who have been trying to subvert the PENN voting system.

Bottom line: DON’T TRUST BUT DO VERIFY when it comes to the election recounts and audit.


-10 State Attorneys General Ask Supreme Court to Get Involved in Pennsylvania voting case before other states soon are involved

-Meanwhile, Trump’s rating up approval up because at keast 73 million people see the truth and are getting involved

Election night scenario in key swing states: 8 pm- Dems stop the vote for TRUMP AS HE’S WAY AHEAD (by 700k) and determine exactly how many Biden ballots they will need per state to catch up
and go ahead JUST ENOUGH- times ‘a wastin’. XEROX fresh Biden Ballots and load the cars. Wed. Morn: It’s a miracle! Biden with the lead (just enough) in all states! Keep feeding Biden ballots as needed
Trump attorney Sydney Powell amplifies on above information with Maria Bariroma, below. See also Bartiroma tweet, further below

490,00 BIDEN BALLOTs in ‘MYSTERY DROPS’ or ‘DUMPS’ as tweeted by Maria Bartiroma and explained in detail by Sidney Powell in interview:

MARIA BARTIROMA with SIDNEY POWELL, part of the Trump legal team, on Sunday Morning ‘FUTURES’:
“We have identified at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden on them, and no other candidate,” Powell said.

“You have a list of numbers of ballots with only Joe Biden on the ticket,” Bartiromo said. “You say it’s 98,000 ballots in Pennsylvania, 80,000 to 90,000 in Georgia, another 42,000 in Arizona, 69,000-to 115,000 in Michigan and 62,000 in Wisconsin.”
…Watch complete interview , above
Ballot ‘Mystery Drops’ referred to above, or ‘dumps as illuminated by Bartiroma’s tweet and Powell’s interview’
Statistically impossible’ for 138,000 all pro-Biden ballots to suddenly appear at 2 am Wednesday morning day after election, says Katherine Harris of 2002 Bush-Gore Florida ‘hanging chad’ fame

Statistically impossible’ for 138,000 all pro-Biden ballots to suddenly appear at 2 am Wednesday morning day after election, says Katherine Harris, who you may remember famously oversaw the 2002 Bush-Gore ‘hanging chad’ Florida count, which took 37 days -for one state. >
m/v/6207924238001/ (Maria Bartiroma program- See MORE below)

Add all the below 10+ resulting  maligned votes from these incidents of tampering, fraud and otherwise voter misbehavior and Trump should have more than enough (legal) votes to overcome Biden

Sen. BERNIE SANDERS was in on the ‘fix’, having predicted exactly the radical vote shift of hundreds of thousnds of votes on election night

10 Reasons Why Trump May Overcome Likely Systemic ‘Voter Fraud’ and Win Re-Election

Top Dem Operative, Bernie Sanders Supporter: Teams of Cheaters Steam Envelopes, Replace Voter’s Ballots With Fraudulent Ballots…Nursing Homes are “Gold Mines”…Trump-Hating Postal Carriers Are Part Of Scam
By Patty McMurray | Nov 7, 2020

Video: Detroit Ballot Counters Appeared To Be Counting ‘Xerox Copies’ as Military Ballots – An eyewitness. Patty McMurray of < explains why Democrat vote-counting supervisors covered the office windows with pizza boxes and didn’t want people to see what they were doing

2) The American public has been inundated with “experts” on voting who are working overtime to convince us that voter fraud is a myth and can’t be committed on the massive scale, as President Trump and his supporters are suggesting. More and more whistleblowers like an election worker in Detroit who was told to backdate ballots and former Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich are stepping up and proving that the Democrat media’s narrative about voter fraud being a myth is a lie.

3) Crucial Provisional Ballots: Why Pennsylvania (and This Election) Isn’t Over.
Biden tells us he wants all the ballots counted (may we add the word ‘legal’?) So we need to do that including the 100k provisional ballots just discovered in PA which are 3 to 1 for Trump
> Go to AmericanSpectator>

4) Dims couldn’t have planned it any better except for making so obvious their razor -thin victory margins in all three states. Guess it would have taken too long to prepare and stuff more illegal ballots to make it look less obvious and then in cahootz with media for Sat ‘dump Trump’ announcement. Quit Fox, watch Newsmax Newsmax TV: w. Guilfoyle, Giuliani, Dick Morris, Dershowitz, Greg Kelly watch Newsmax and more at>

5)Whistle blower election worker said all workers were told to backdate ballots that came in late in  Detroit


6)Election workers cheer as  GOP monitors removed (illegaly ) from Detroit

7)States like Nevada are taking much too long to count votes

As slow as votes are being counted , how could Trump be up over 600,000 votes election day night and down 50,000 the next morning?

8) Prior to this election, only five states had mail-in voting. This election it went up to 30 states no thanks to the Dems and their election staff of 322 lawyers changing the playing field with their covid ruse. Its a known fact mail-in ballots are eas to fake, vote multiple times, etc, and signatures are usually not required so hard to trace authenticity.

9) Dems have planned obstruction of this election for 2 years getting election laws changed with 322 law suits in 45 states for no postal mark, no signature and extended deadlines. They would go TO their favorite judges if they didnt get their way. They used virus ‘fig leaf’ in PA and some states not for the virus but to help Biden

10) DEO: Michigan County Discovers ‘Glitch’ That Gave 6,000 Trump Votes To Biden – National File


-Ken Starr: Pennsylvania three-day extension to mail-in ballot deadline a ‘constitutional travesty’:

Mark Levin with Ken Starr-The Election FACTS!

Lawyer Lin Wood: “It’s time for us to question the election irregularities


Molly Hemmingway of THE Federalist notes how things might be different if someone like George Bush would have come out in support of ,not necessarily TRUMP, but any of those running. Point being how GOP doesnt always help out and how much Trump had to do himself. Senator Nome (So. DAKOTA): ‘Premature to call Biden President. We have not finished counting votes’

As Biden told us Oct 24 ‘Democrats have the biggest extensive fraud unit with 300 lawyers. ‘ Dims had planned and  prepared well for this.


Help stop voter suppression, irregularities and fraud!

Report what you are seeing.

Report a case:

Call: (888) 630-1776


MORE Maria Bartiroma-Sidney Powell, Hemmingway, etc.:

Media is ‘complicit’ by declaring Dem winners in states with close races like North Carolina and not calling in favor Trump where he was far ahead. Four networks broke away from President’s declaration of ‘stolen election’ press conference to claim his statements were false. ‘Unconscionable’ said Molly Hemmingway of the Federalist.

-Even GOP -friendly Fox was criticized for calling Arizona for Biden, before later retracting it.

-Sidney Powell noted roughly 80k questionable ballots in each of five key states (490,000) with ‘manufactured’ ballots. DEMOCRAT ‘Computer system algorythm’ fraud is why voting suddenly stopped election night so Democrats could add in hundreds of thousands of all-Biden votes.

‘Where is AG Barr’ and the Justice Dept and FBI?, ‘ asked Bartiroma.

-Interesting it was John Lewis’ district that put Biden over the top im Georgia… Now we surmise why Pelosi, Shumer & co were so quiet these past weeks .. planning out their sordid #STEAL

-After Dims stopped the vote when they (Biden) was behind they simply went and got the number of fake ballots they had ready to stuff in GA they got just enough to go ahead by 1,5o0 Tues overnight after they had been losing big.

‘Overload the system, crash I t with heavy early mail i voting etc and then blame the other side’

-Everyone knew that if president trump could increase the even already high Minority vote soon  he would win. He doubled the minority vote from 8 to 16% and is a winner!

5 Additional Ways Dims May Be Trying to Steal The Election- Massive Evidence Democrats, Big Tech, and the Fake News Media are trying to STEAL this Election and Remove President Trump > #KeepCounting

-To see a ‘newsman’ –not an opinion host-like Anderson Cooper and his latest blatant, nasty language -we won’t repeat-
and hostility for President Trump is beyond alarming. Cronkheit didn’t like Nixon but he wasn’t blatantly nasty, in fact, you wouldnt even know his personal feelings by watching him >

-Kevin McCarthy: Looks Like FBI Is Repeating Same Behavior From 2016 Wray ala Comey>!

Just the fact there were more votes than registered voters shows fraud and should be ground for a re-do in those states. Never do more than 80% of registered voters vote so with  110% of registered voters voting we have 30% or more fake votes with large blocks of all-Biden ballots. Its like last election where you would see ZERO Trump votes in places like Philadelphia precincts.   Those votes are illegal as are votes after election day. Plus large chunks of those were ALL BIDEN which doesnt make sense = more fraud. Plus you have Dem-run voting administrations – Sec. of state in PA WOULDN’T even address Pres Trump asb’President’-in all those swing states that SUDDENLY swing from big red to blue AFTER voting was stopped Tuesday night. As Congressman McCarthy noted on Ingraham Angle:

  1. How could Trump lose in an atmosphere where ALL 15 incumbents won by  largely riding on  Trump coattails. Trump should haVe been the big numeric winner but votes were secretly stolen/replaced over night

2. How the Dems could scheme to stop the vote count election day night as Trump was well ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes in all  swing states and then started bringing in thousands of fake,  all-Biden votes,as  needed to compensate. And

-NOT SO SURPRISING FLASH: Biden takes lead in PA three days later after being down 600,000 votes  on election night. Biden takes lead in GA after being down 5% election nite. Same already happened in WI and MI again, where more

It’s as simple as the Dems scheming to get mail-in ballots with no signature necessary plus extension time so they see
Trumps numbers at end of election day and add just enough fake ballots for Biden  to go ahead of Trump to win the election, i.e the wednesday morn surprise- and thats exactly what happened. If all counting was 
In by election day, as in the past, there’d be no problem. It wouldnt give Dems that extra time to add ballots as needed.


-Go to AmericanSpectator> Crucial Provisional Ballots: Why Pennsylvania (and This Election) Isn’t Over.
Biden tells us he wants all the ballots counted (may we add the word ‘legal’?) So we need to do that including the 100k provisional ballots just discovered in PA which are 3 to 1 for Trump

Dims couldn’t have planned it any better except for making so obvious their razor -thin victory margins in all three states. Guess it would have taken to long to prepare and stuff more illegal ballots to make it look less obvious and then in cahootz with media for Sat ‘dump Trump’ announcement. Quit Fox, watch Newsmax Newsmax TV: 7:30p Sat. starts w. Guilfoyle, Giuliani, Dick Morris, Dershowitz, Greg Kelly watch Newsmax on

They’ve cheated on everything else. I’m sure they cheated big time here and we’re seeing evidence of it with more coming in by the  hour. I’m waiting to see the hundreds of thousands of ballots-almost all Biden votes -that were dumped  between late Tuesday 11-3 and Wednesday morning in MI, Wi, NC and PA. #Recount2020  #Election2020



-They want Trump to throw in the towel -the dims and even some of the GOP but why would he with the massive evidence in other factors like the one just mentioned. Gore took 37 days for 1 stayed where there was a nearly as much corruption here we have 5 states AND DEMS have spent four years contesting Trump’s election over Hillary!

-Its sad when dims cant see past their red anger . The truth should win out

On lou dobbs 11-5-20 show with:
-john solomon
-Sidney Powell statement: This is  ‘Coup 5.0′ Pres must fight back in every shape and form’
-Tom fitton: drawing from dirty election rolls talk to your state legislators which are GOP controled! .need clean state for unvestigation

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