Now debate commission
Wants to’ add new tools to maintain order that ‘Biden can speak uninterrupted by Trump,’ according to AP, which (editorially) we say is farthest from the truth. Biden had just as much time if not more during the debate as trump and a stronger, unbiased moderator would have been able to make the debate work.

Seems Trump was debating both Biden And Wallace as he noted ‘I didn’t think I was debating both of you’…

It seemed to be a ‘Two-on-one’ Street Fight with a Fox Never-Trumper moderator Wallace making up the rules as things deteriorated. By the nature of the Wallace”s selection of questions, the bias was clear. Trump would have to answer Dem favorite talking points to both Biden and Wallace while Biden skated mostly free and was allowed to not answer his questions.

Moderator Chris Wallace unfairly questioned Trump on the left’s favorite (debunked) talking points ‘white supremacy’ , climate change, etc but didn’t question Biden on his son, China connection, etc. – Trump had to , but then was cut off by Wallace…. who, when he DID ask Biden a equally challenging question like if he supported BLM, but didn’t make him answer the question. Then Never Trumper Wallace tried to neutralize riot/violence issue before moving on to the next question, and the pattern repeated. It became too clear that Wallace was pulling his questions from the Dem play book.

As soon as Trump got on a roll he was cut off by Moderator.

There was no admonishment by Wallace of Biden’s many personal attacks of Trump, with words like ‘clown, liar, racist,shut up,’ going unchallenged. Trump had to hold his ground with two to debate and maintained his cool, though he was forced to become aggressive as both Biden kept getting away unchallenged on untrue comment after another. Biden was good with his memorized Dem talking points but they were not backed up – and Wallace didn’t confront him like he did Trump. . If Wallace would have admonished Biden as he did Trump ,trump wouldn’t have needed to lashed out as he did.

Moderator Chris Wallace didn’t give Trump a chance, throwing him off by protecting Biden. Wallace propped him up, didnt question Biden’s lies and non-answers. No questions from Wallace about Russian scandal #debate2000

Moderator Chris Wallace was far from ‘invisable. ‘ as he promised to be in his opening statement, this even coming from friend Rush Limbaugh. Wallace didn’t let it become a debate, feeling that he had to protect Biden. It was a two-on-one. That’s why Trump had to interrupt when Biden might have destroyed himself if Wallace didn’t interrupt. Trump was thwarted from true debate… The above are just a few of our impressions watching the so-called debate. It’s a sad commentary when there can’t be a fair moderator out there that both sides would accept, someone like a straight newsperson such as Bret Bair,


  • While Wallace wouldn’t go anywhere near Hunter Biden’s multi-million dollar Burisma ‘job’ in Ukraine Wallace was quick to ask President Trump about the $750 income tax bill, which was leaked info that Wallace had some nerve pursuing. Again, Wallace, in addition to overlooking Hunter Biden connection let Biden off the hood regarding BLM
  • Not brought up by other pundits that we’ve noticed, was Wallace’s rebuttal to trump’s claim that violence and riots were almost all in blue states. Wallace said that there were ‘equal’ numbers of red cities with problems, naming only smallish Tulsa and Fort Worth. How could he possibly compare these to Chicago, New York , Los Angeles, San Francisco,Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc. Another example of Wallace showing bias.
  • Wallace’s questioning of Trump’s alleged ‘white supremacy’ support comes right out of the Dem playbook. Once checking the famous Charlottlesville incident Trump never said he supported white supremists. What’s worse is that Wallace asked basically the same question of Trump in the 2016 debates, which Trump then flatly denied twice and on 18 other occassions, according to Trump. Trump did quickly say ‘sure’ twice in the 2020 question but Wallace still demanded a full statement, after which Trump asked him what group exacly he wanted to be condemned.
  • One of the big lies by Biden was to call Antifa ‘an idea’ rather than an organization – another case where Wallace let him skate.
  • Wallace never brought the Russian collusion investigation nor the Dem ‘spygate’ on the 2016 Trump campaign including the dossier – all of which were during the Biden-Obama watch. Yet, Wallace didn’t miss anything that might be negative to Trump.
  • Wallace didn’t pin down Biden on any of his detailed plans as President. Most of Biden’s statements were prepared general talking points mostly to do with ‘anti-Trump.’
  • Trump ended the night with a strong repudiation of online balloting with numerous examples but was, again, cut off by Wallace, before he could finish.
  • Trump was accused extensively by the media of interrupting Biden. Truth by told that both Biden and Wallace began the series of interruptions. With ‘two-on-one’ it was no surprise that Trump felt he needed to jump in whenever he had a chance. Certainly, if you combined the interruptions by Biden and Wallace, it was more than Trump.
  • The following day the Commission on Debates announced changes ‘to prevent Trump from interrupting’- a rather one-sided, unfair reference we would say….

In all, it was anything but a real, fair debate. Hopefully the ‘town hall’ where the audience askes questions will be better. With a slanted media, which has seen Donna Brazille actually give the questions to Hillary ahead of time(2016), it’s an always going to be an uphjll battle for the GOP.