Watch “Leftists LOSE Their Minds Over RBG”


Groupthink has changed the political game. We see it everyday, most recently in the reaction to Ruth Ginsberg’s death. This will be the first election that #progagandamedia and #propagandasocialmedia have controlled the mainstream narrative where conservative parents can no longer even talk with their #boughtoff kids. Giant monopolies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have become omniscient and over-influencing following years of LEFTIST school indoctrination, liberal rule and promotion by the uber-left media of today-like never before. Without Trump we’d be a socialist one party country which will surely STILL go that way if Trump were to lose. What to do?

If you’re concerned AS you should be , try to cut back or eliminate use of mainstream media including FB, twit and Google-USE DuckDuckGo instead of Google as your search engine and you will actual be delighted to not only NOT be tracked but you will find what you’re really searching for instead of getting mostly liberal pandering sites and info. For social media use the new , exquiste PARLER where you can freely post most any viewpoint without getting banned! And for unbiased TV news try WGN News Nation– and tell your friends, repubican or democratic. You’ll become a happier person while making America a freer, happier place where there are once again two sides to every story and kids will see there is another side to
stories – and maybe even talk with their parents again! Tell us how it goes for you…

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