Dr Scott Atlas of Hoover Institute debunks Pelosi and Newsome continued lockdowns

Nothing Worse Than Fear But Fear Itself’ – FDR

All Politics All the Time-

Are Fear and Politics taking over? Why are Gavin ‘Gruesome’ Newsome and some other blue state govs (e.g Cuomo) continuing to open and close and open and close businesses? How long is this going to continue – perhaps for years to come? (AT LEAST UNTIL THE ELECTION.) How come other countries aren’t locking down schools, etc? Because they dont have a Nov. Election.

Is this how CA and NY and other states are going to be run- to worsen economies and people become more frustrated. Of course covid rates will go down with continued lockdowns but they will eventually go down anyway if given a chance, as we’ve seen in foreign countries. But , led by the millenial ‘sheep’ mentality , not only are millenials but all populations buying into the media-driven narrative of fear. Until more people speak out and stand up and question the rediculousness, our country will only continue to suffer – which is probably what many of the blue state governors and their minions want -for political reasons. And now we even see state health departments intentionally raising posititove test rates (https://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/07/breaking-fake-news-fake-polls-now-fake-testing/).

SIGN RECALL PETITION: https://recallgavin2020.com/petition/ewsome Gruesomes releasing 5000 felons in San Bernardino County today and another 8000 State prisoners today so lock your doors. Take the kids and pets off the street. Lock your car and lock your house, lock your mind. He’s working for you. Not really. Support your local police department. And SIGN RECALL PETITION: https://recallgavin2020.com/petition/

What it all boils down to is trying to get rid of President Trump by the Dems, destroying the ecomomy right up to the election in November. Once the election passes don’t be surprised to never hear from governors re. Covid again -especially if Trump loses. Covid is just the latest in series of obstacles by which Democrats have attempted to block and bring down Trump (remember the Russia Russia Russia ‘collusion’ impeachment and Ukraine hoaxes?).

Don’t miss the latest from scientIst Scott Atlas of Hoover Institute who thoroughly debunks the lockdowns and closing of schools, pointing out students 0% covid death rate (1/5 tha rate for flu


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