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BREAKING: Fake News -Fake Polls..Now FAKE TESTING! First it was questioning effectiveness of Hexachloraphine, then the questionable effectiveness of masks – Now
More than 300 Covid Florida Testing sites report (impossible) 100% positive test results-10 times higher than actual figures . Similar reports in Texas are also coming out. Either we have some really bad (Dem?) Testers or the usual media spun results.

Scandal: COVID+ Numbers Proven Fake In Florida…100% Positive Test Rate – CD Media: Are COVID cases spiking to record levels in virus hotspot Florida? In short, no.

Covid Testing- What can we really believe? Are the misleading test results helping or hurting?

Much of the America public will never really get this news and still fear putting kids back in school while other more reasoning people WANT to resume normal lives, well knowing they’re being lied to again by media and so-called experts. (Media Malpractice).

DEMS AND MEDIA ARE STILL PLAYING THE RUSSIAN HOAX AND NOW COVID SCARE TACTICS GAME. How long can media and Dems fool much of the population or will Dems march in lockstep beyond reason?

“As reported by a Fox News affiliate in Orlando, “countless” clinics in Florida have reported a COVID-positive test rate of 90-100%. When questioned by Fox reporters, one clinic–Orlando Health–claimed “errors” had been made, and reported the true numbers, roughly one tenth of the reported rate, from 98% to 9.4%.

Amy Kaufeldt, an anchor with Fox 35 in Orlando, reports that the clinics in question claim to have reported the test rates correctly, but that the numbers were changed at the state level, by the Florida Dept. of Health.”

For weeks we’ve been told by mainstream media how Red States Florida and Texas had seen the sudden spike in positive tests due to “opening too soon.” Today, even the CDC, with its own left tilt, has admitted the high positive testing was due to a spike in tourists comi g South and bringing covid with them.

Who really knows what’s going on with the constant mixed messages trumpeted by the media. What we do know now is that the postive testing rate ia one tenth of what we’ve been told for the past month. And, from the same identical ‘coincidental’ results of over 300 test sites the numbers probably were chanved at the state Dept. of health level- or perhaps even the CDC. This is outrageous, affecting many peoples lives and livlihoods.

SO, IN FACT THE FLORIDA COVID POSITIVE TESTING RATE -ALONG WITH DEATH RATE-REMAIN AMONG THE LOWEST. Interestung that similar reports of altered test numbers aree coming in from Texas too, which we will be looking into.( Editor: This is another apparerent, outrageous case of medical and media malpractive and must be further investigated and dealt with)

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