More To Riots and BLM Than Meets the Eye, Fake Noose:

BLM’s Benny Johnspn threatens to burn down America

“This is not a momentary civil disturbance.  This is a highly organized political movement. It is deep and profound ans has fast ambitions. It is insidious and will grow . Its goal is to challenge liberal democracy and western civilization itself. It is an ideology movement …that has incubated on college campuses for decades. We paid for all of it ourselves,by the way, so happy to have our kids get into Duke, ignoring (the radical politics that colleges like Duke) were teaching them. That was one of the gravest mistakes we ever made. We became easy marks for their lines (and lies). 

Even now, we think this is about police brutality and the death of a man named George Floyd. We still think we can fix it by regulating choke holds and deescalation training. We’re too literal and too good-hearted to understand what’s really happening. Our decency is the mob’s main weapon against us. 

(Editor: They (radical left) know how to hijack that  decency with faux events. The Dems don’t want to solve the problems they highlight-they want to run on them, and they’re never happy with the GOP efforts to compromise. Now everything gets ‘thrown on the fire, even the fake ones like the Bubba Wallace fake noose incident, among the latest.)
What’s really bad now is that the media no longer follows up on stories if they don’t fit their narrative. So, for example, these  ‘awful’ noose  incidents quickly are dropped  with a whimper with many still blaming those ‘white supremacists’ for events that never happened. In so doing, AN IRRESPONSIBLE MEDIA IS  EXACERBATING AND PURPOSELY ADDING FUEL TO AN ALREADY RACIALLY-CHARGED SOCIAL SCENE . 

…In many cases the parents of the largely young protestors/radicals are sympathetic to their causes themselves, holdovers or offspring from anarchist movements that go back to the ’60s. Same modus operandi, different names then like Weather Underground, Black Panthers, Black Power,etc. Its the first time we’ve had multi-generations of families that have been ‘born and raised’ on these movements, in many cases-now 50 years later. Pre-1960s traditional American values based on constitutional (and biblical) views of right and wrong have been scrapped for expediency where truth and honesty don’t matter anymore. And the course away from traditional values has never reversed itself in these 50 years that followed the days of the ‘free speech movement.’ Worse yet, things today have gotten worse with even free speech and debate  disappearing -Dems fear debate,e.g. don’t expect to see any with Joe Biden if GOP doesn’t compell it)- along with actual American history including physical buildings, statues, etc.

PARODY based on Biden-Obama recent landmark virtual fundraiser ($7 million)
Obama and Biden Caught Red Handed
-Obama and Biden Caught Red Handed

Which black lives matter exactly?
Its not the black business owners who are having their businesses burned and looted.-Its not the black first responders who were all the rage but now ridiculed and beaten as ‘they cant be trusted’, etc etc

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FAKE NOOSE: ‘Heavyweights of Journalism’ Report at least four fake noose reverse-racism (anti-white) attempts in recent days- Noose headlines Actor Jessie Smollett in Chicago has to go outside the country to find two African black guys to pose as ‘white supremacists’ in ‘racist’ setup later debunked for which SMOLLETT has still not denied while city leaders have attempted to let him off his own criminal charges. Media falsely blew this one up for weeks in support of the Smolett side of the story Media spent weeks inaccurately blaming Sandman(2019)

– High schooler Nick Sandman accused of taunting elderly Native American at Washington DC Mall when it turns out the ‘stare down’ between the two was instigated by the Indian. SANDMAN sues and wins multi-million dollar settlement. Media had spent weeks inaccurately blaming Sandman for taunting the man. (2019)

– Media foments discovery of ‘NOOSES’ hanging from trees at Lake Merritt in Oakland without fully checking out the story. Even after black athlete admits installing the ropes for athletic pursuits, Oakland mayor Libby Schaff ‘doubles down’ on her  concerns over the racist ‘nooses’ (June)

– Likewise, Nascar’s Bubba Wallace comes out against ‘NOOSE’ found in his Nascar garage which he had apparently never seen- similar to those garage door pulldown ropes in other Nascar garages. Media blows up story with Wallace ‘doubling down’ on CNN’s Don Lemon program until finally recanting next day  (June)

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-Stopped by cops while white- I’m going to say something politically incorrect after all these fake noose reports and one-way ‘Jessie Smollet’ accounts…I’ve been stopped over 10 times by cops,usually for something I did wrong. Blacks have a high propensity for traffic violations and reacting back.

-“I think it’s time for both the Democrats and Republicans to stop the petty-bickering, and get down to some serious mudslinging and some serious name-calling…” — Pat Paulsen, Presidential Candidate, 1968  Seriously, Paulsen would be appalled by whats going on today, worse than ’68. I think Paulsen would appreciate Trump at least for his humor, not for Biden’s lack thereof.

– Prez Trump signs bill making animal cruelty a federal felony
First they tear down statues,buildings and art. Next they come after us. Be prepared. Act now. SPEAK OUT. Rioting cost San Francisco alone $7 million according to the controller. We must rise up NOW before its too late> #speakout
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– Facebook bans pro-Trump anti-violence ads but leaves up ‘Trump hater’ ads like BLM that espouse violence. Past Time to speak out like Geraldo, Ben Carson, Allen West, REI, Patagonia, Northface even latter 3  misdirected…smirk

-Rioting cost San Francisco $7 million according to the controller

Another reason the dems don’t like trump is that he doesn’t do things in lock step he doesn’t March in lockstep like they do. He doesn’t even always agree with his own people and use fired a number of staffers. He given come in saying he would only pick republicans he actually picked left leaning guys like mad dog and John in a military guy is right man

-Rioting Violence Threatens Black Lives – BLM Whites speaking for blacks, ignoring similar white killings, big death numbers in black communities 


Why Trump Doesn’t Send
In military to stop the endless rioting and looting in cities across America

Because blue state governors and mayors inexplicably don’t want him to. They’d rather see their cities and States destroyed then have trump win the election. Only Lincoln ever faced a situation in the Civil War any ended up winning.
Trump should make a press conf and tell American people exactly that the govs and mayors dont want to fix the problem and other than federal lands hos hands are tied. In the past like 1968 everyone was all in to stop the destruction but its a radicalized Dim party today

-Fake Noose – Rest of the Story- News and Notes Not covered in mainstream media

-More To Riots and BLM Than Meets the Eye, Fake Noose –

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