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New Temporary DNC Chief Donna Brazille didn’t wait long to show her media bias – she also has been working for ABC – by tipping off Hillary on media stories and issues, according to latest Wiki-Leaks

Rigged Election? You Bet



  ‘Journalism’ :    ‘Writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation’

(part of the full  definition of Journalism from Mariam Webster)

‘Media bias’  is the bias or perceived bias of journalists and news producers within the mass media in the selection of events and stories that are reported and how they are covered. The term “media bias” implies a pervasive or widespread bias contravening the standards of journalism, rather than the perspective of an individual journalist or article.(Wikipedia)


Romney didn’t do it.  McCain didn’t do it. Nor did any of the 20 other candidates who ran for President this  past year

If Nothing Else, the outspoken Donald Trump  has been able, for the first time, to really Expose  the Rampant Media Bias  in America. That’s one of the reasons he’s the Republican candidate for President, because he has a voice and isn’t afraid to use it while standing up for disenfranchised  Americans.  And, even with other negatives, he has done something here that needed to be done.  In the same vein, he’s exposed the failings of the current Administration and Hillary. And, even for his faults – he’s  opened eyes while giving  Americans  an alternative to the same ‘ol corrupt government America has had to deal with  at least the past eight years.

media bias

Media Election Bias biggest ‘problem’ in U.S. Campaigns (MRC)


Why We Can’t Trust Political Polls Anymore Nor Mainstream Media






media bias

These are real issues, not made up like some of the media bias. This is public perception you won’t hear or see reported in the mainstream media

And  that’s one of the reasons Trump has resonated with much of America, tired of the ‘same ‘ol same ‘ol.’  And, it probably took someone so outspoken (and, yes, maybe TOO outspoken at times)  to shake up America.   Now,  others (Vice President Pence, Rep. Jeff Sessions,  Newt Gingrich, etc. )  including the rare Democrat  are taking up the cause.


No wonder people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)  must have seen something themsleves to want to risk their own safety to further expose the most corrupt U>S> Administration in   history.  Trump has come along at the right time and right place to further try to right the sinking ship that Hillary Clinton wants to continue sinking by her  promises to mostly continue the policies of the Obama Administration.



Even Trump haters   who care at all about our constitution  and checks and balances must recognize if not appreciate what Trump has brought out.  Freedom of the Press doesn’t mean riding roughshod over the TRUTH, which is exactly what we’ve been seeing more than ever during the contentious election process. (And, don’t blame it on the election). Back in the late 1960s this writer was taught in journalism class the importance of including stories in proportion to their perceived importance while representing BOTH SIDES of issues. While there will always be some question as to what is ‘perceived,’ there is no question as to being able to giving EQUAL COVERAGE  to both sides of a story….


23% to 1%  Coverage of   Trump ‘Sex-capade’ (Anti-Trump)  vs. Wiki-Leaks (Anti-Hillary)

When two big stories come up at the same time, the media will always go with the one that favors the liberal cause or that hurts conservatives .Most recently, Media Research Center shows a 23% to 1% disparity of negative coverage of Trump ‘sexcapage’ over the Wiki-leaks that affect the Clinton campaign.  But, take most any competing stories….

Below are two random examples of media bias, again favoring Democrats


media bias

If it’s favorable to Trump, they dump it , as above . If it’s Unfavorable, they flaunt it , as below



Goes hand in hand with believing the Media Bias towards the Obama Administration and Democrats (MRC)


Many frustrated with the continued media bias have come up with memes to  express their disatisfaction:





t-shirts and bumper stickers available – Support the Cause if you believe it!






(No Need for name change, oh so sour)



Raging  MadCow , MSNBC

Rare image without her black mansuit



Over-rated Kelly , FOX

She thinks she’s a model and acts like a liberal but somehow ended up on FOX TV


All Biased Coverage


Nothing But Crap



                  See B.S.




While we’ve mainly addressed television media here, It’s true that one area Republicans and Conservatives have a voice is on radio, however , even those programs are not guised as ‘news’ but everyone knows them to be opinion talk shows.  So , when it comes to media news, whether TV, newspaper or radio, there’s no contest with the Left controlling all but Fox – and even Fox is more balanced than the other networks ,according to above poll. We still haven’t spent any time with the liberal newspaper media – and radio news – which we will save for another time.



That’s a whole other topic which we can address at a future time. It’s largely centered around cronyism and favors; much like the promises and giveaways we see from the Democratic parties in power to the people we see with regard to favors given the media in return for coverage, with more today than ever.  One has to wonder what they’re actually teaching today in journalism schools


Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News Hardcover – February 25, 2001


Time To Hold The Mainstream Media Accountable