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 Now the press (AP) is losing the comma.

Imagine to where #journalism has sunken … now they’re not only taking Dimm political sides but #writing like Dimm-wits too ✏️? https://buff.ly/2DOWGnj


San Francisco votes to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day

San Francisco Board of Stuporvisors

San Francisco Board of Stupor-visors



San Francisco votes to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus DayThe Socialist Republic of San Francisco’s Board of Stupor-visors today changed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day to the dismay of the remaining Italian-Americans and long-time natives . This is not a joke.  Herb Caen must be rolling in his grave.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 10-1 to make the change. The single dissenting vote was from Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who represents a historically Italian neighborhood. The measure has faced opposition from many Italian-Americans who say Columbus Day celebrates their heritage.

“San Francisco has a responsibility to oppose the systematic racism towards indigenous peoples in the United States, which perpetuates high rates of poverty and income inequality, exacerbating health, education, and social crises among Native Americans,” the measure reads.

San Francisco joins Los Angeles, Minneapolis and other cities nationwide who have renamed the holiday (THE HILL)


The Board of Stupid-visors has a long history of projects to justify their own ends, like getting votes by any means; their new mayor just declared she would go to jail rather than change San Francisco’s ‘SANCTUARY CITY ‘ status



How the SF Giants REALLY Won Their First World Series in 56 Years

How the SF Giants REALLY Won Their First World Series in 56 Years

The San Francisco Jints, who lost the most games in baseball last year,. have just paid out over $25 million for three over-the-hill 30+ year-old players for one year (PLUS one long term escalating contract)  instead of trying to rebuild  like most teams with similar records normally do.

The Giants are the oldest team in baseball and  didn’t have a single player who hit over 20 homeruns last year.  Without any blockbuster trades or free agent signings,  the Giants seemed to win , when they did,  with smoke and mirrors – and a lot of marginal ‘black market’ players.  Of course , one of the players, may have the advantage of BB’s Jints Juice, remarkably having had , by far, his best year last year – at age 30.

Nothing new for the Jints, who  won their first   world series in 56  years they couldn’t have done without   to  SIX KNOWN PED USERS. Longoria’s price goes up each year of a long-term contract as his productivity will likely go down. Jints will likely lose at least one of the three players next year to free agency (or lack of productivity).  READ MORE HOW GIANTS WON THEIR FIRST WORLD SERIES’ IN 56 YEARS.

Ninth Jerk-cuit Court of Schlemiels

Members of Ninth Jerk-cuit Court of Schlemiels









San Francisco is also the Home of of the 9th Jerk-uit Court of Schlemiels,

the court that recently blocked President Trump from shutting DACA program,begun by President Obama on an executive order without approval of Congress and also the court that reversed a perjury conviction, stating that  Barry Bond’s record 73 Homeruns in  2001 were legitimately gleaned at the age of 36 thanks to known testosterone-based performance enchancing drug  ‘The Clear and the Cream’ ( which Bonds told the courts  he believed to be  flaxseed oil).