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‘Election was a Fraud… Rigged Election at the highest level… This is far from over,’ exclaims fired-up President Trump in Thanksgiving Day Q and A after giving video message to military overseas – his first extended press conference in about three weeks discussing the election. ‘People understand what happened…a lot will be happening’ between now and when the Electoral College meets mid-December. ABOVE VIDEO IS ONLY A SMALL PART OF THE WIDE-RANGING PRESS CONFERENCE THAT WENT ON FOR ABOUT 45 MINUTES. OTHER PRESS CONFERENCE FEEDS WERE EITHER DELETED, NOT POSTED OR VOLUME WAS DIMINISHED {BY YOUTUBE?}

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What You Can Do:

Per Matt Gaetz

-Put pressure on your state legislators

-Call Out Your FBI and Justice Dept

  • If all else fails ELECTION RE-DO:

CALL FOR #ElectionReDo in Swing States. Interesting suggestion heard on the Limbaugh show with Marc Stein and against caller who brought up the idea if Trump can get a Supreme Court hearing suggest a compromise of redoing the election- redo only in the swing States, which is where it counts. With scrutiny , this time Trump should fare much better . People should start using hashtag #electionredo

Ballots are recounted in Gwinnett County, Georgia (Getty

-Nine Reasons why the 2020 presidential election is deeply puzzling

If only cranks find the tabulations strange, put me down as a crank…more

Patrick Basham , SPECTATOR

The following peculiarities also lack compelling explanations:

  1. Late on election night, with Trump comfortably ahead, many swing states stopped counting ballots. In most cases, observers were removed from the counting facilities. Counting generally continued without the observers
  2. Statistically abnormal vote counts were the new normal when counting resumed. They were unusually large in size (hundreds of thousands) and had an unusually high (90 percent and above) Biden-to-Trump ratio
  3. Late arriving ballots were counted. In Pennsylvania, 23,000 absentee ballots have impossible postal return dates and another 86,000 have such extraordinary return dates they raise serious questions
  4. The failure to match signatures on mail-in ballots. The destruction of mail-in ballot envelopes, which must contain signatures
  5. Historically low absentee ballot rejection rates despite the massive expansion of mail voting. Such is Biden’s narrow margin that, as political analyst Robert Barnes observes, ‘If the states simply imposed the same absentee ballot rejection rate as recent cycles, then Trump wins the election’
  6. Missing votes. In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, 50,000 votes held on 47 USB cards are missing
  7. Non-resident voters. Matt Braynard’s Voter Integrity Project estimates that 20,312 people who no longer met residency requirements cast ballots in Georgia. Biden’s margin is 12,670 votes
  8. Serious ‘chain of custody’ breakdowns. Invalid residential addresses. Record numbers of dead people voting. Ballots in pristine condition without creases, that is, they had not been mailed in envelopes as required by law
  9. Statistical anomalies. In Georgia, Biden overtook Trump with 89 percent of the votes counted. For the next 53 batches of votes counted, Biden led Trump by the same exact 50.05 to 49.95 percent margin in every single batch. It is particularly perplexing that all statistical anomalies and tabulation abnormalities were in Biden’s favor. Whether the cause was simple human error or nefarious activity, or a combination, clearly something peculiar happene

ELECTION: Biden Won 477 Counties vs Obama Who Won 689 in 2012 – Yet Biden Magically Gained 13 Million More Votes Than Obama


ELECTION: Biden Won 477 Counties vs Obama Who Won 689 in 2012 – Yet Biden Magically Gained 13 Million More Votes Than Obama

Georgia investigating groups sending absentee ballots to out of state voters

Sara Carter Nov 30, 2020

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced he is opening an investigation into whether outside groups are registering people from other states to illegally vote in the Jan. 5 Senate

How does the country get those three years back?‘ former deputy national security adviser asks in new book https://t.co/WkgLMDt3DP https://t.co/pOj5MHsfpd

Were living in a cheating society now where cheating is condoned by half of America. At least 30% of democrats admitted to knowing that the election was a fraud in many more probably know they wanted to it

Even if fired Anti-Trump ‘election man’ appearing on ‘fake 60 Minutes’ was right about the ballots having paper backups, 5% he admitted to, that still means 7 million votes which were probably deleted  Trump votes and/or Biden adds.  And how come 60 Minutes didn’t get the other side of the story as good journalists always used to do. The White says they were never contacted for their retort


Nobody has won the presidency with as few counties -only 16% of the county’s were won by Biden
– Biden the 1st when elected president to lose Ohio
– Biden 1st president to win with HARDLY campaigning  while Trump is probably the 1st one to lose after doing 10 times more campaigning than his opponent or like a 100 times for
– How come Trump had easy victories in Florida AND Iowa but couldn’t win in similar States like Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania?
– How could the overnight drops be so one sided like  90% Biden over Trump even mail-in votes …

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Bartiromo  Sunday futures

Maria Bartiromo Questions ‘dismissive’
Chase’ Jesse
Diamond, even GOP supporter Steven  Schwartsman
:  ‘Just move on’. ‘

Trump: ‘Only won in 2016  Because we caught them by surprise.’ (Dems were ready for 2020 after 4 years of subterfuge)
‘If mail-in voting remains you’ll never have another Republican senate or house’

Ken Starr on SUNDAY Futures”: you need to get the evidence shown right now “You need to get the evidence shown right now for the courts to take a take it up.’

Bartiromo: September was key awaiting Durham investigation then there is nothing. There was nothing . Durham dropped the ball in September…. will trump  make a special  Prosecutor?  (Will consider it)

Q. Where is FBI, DOJ –
A. Trump: ‘Missing in action, very disappointing… waiting for next president,I guess.’

Trump regrets not getting more involved and once again claims ’60 Minutes’ abuse

Trump questions
Dem- leaning judgment In  democrat Inner city precincts.

Take out  6 tainted
swing States and Trump still won  electoral college 237 to 232

Trump: Private people are losing their votes ,too, in these heavy Dem inner- city precincts -Philly, Milwaukee, Detroit…

‘Major media are truly the enemy of the people’

See Federalist statistical impossibilities:

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5 points Trump won all and still lost incl winning Ohio where no Dem has ever lost and won Pres

How did Biden beat Obama in swing states incl blacks

State by state:
Why Pennsylvania Doesn’t Add Up | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics >

-In Georgia
we have Stacey Abrams going around collecting ballots. Harvesting is illegal in Georgia yet she’s up to 850,000 with
Gov Kemp and Sec. of state and  playing into her hands

Why Pennsylvania Doesn’t Add Up | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics

‘-Study finds Trump took 700% more questions than Biden over month-long period | Fox News https://www.foxnews.com/media/study-trump-700-percent-more-questions-biden

Breaking: Not (yet if ever) reported in mainstream Friday, the Trump team got good news after the Pennsylvania judge panel rejected their appeal. The legislature of Pennsylvania accepted to have a hearing , which is exactly what the trump team was hoping for, according to Atty. JENNA ELLIS on Newsmax. Trump team will continue to seek similar legislative hearings in other swing States such as Arizona on Monday with other states possibly following Pennsylvania’s lead. Supreme Court is a good back up appeal option now with Barrett installed as judge and 5th likely vote.

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EVIDENCE? ‘NO credible attorney’ is going to go and put out evidence that can be tampered with by the media…’we don’t owe the media anything.. we owe the American people the truth.’

-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis
‘Election was a Fraud… Rigged Election at the highest level… This is far from over,’ exclaims fired-up President Trump in Thanksgiving Day Q and A after giving video message to military overseas – his first extended press conference in about three week discussing the election. ‘People understand what happened…a lot will be happening’ between now and when the Electoral College meets mid-December.

Support Honest Elections

Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood to file big ‘Dominion’ lawsuit in Georgia with other states to come. Plus, election Hearings today with legislators in 3 key states

thanksgiving message
Thanksgiving Message – Don’t Give Up
While on the subject of ‘no more Happy Days,’ hear what Dr. Savage has to say about life today vs. when he grew up in the 1950s and what we are losing

As Trump alone so aptly notes, if GOP can win GA 2ND RECOUNT

Lawyer Rudy Giuliani  explains how mail-in ballots are useless without accompanying signatures that were never allowed to be inspected by GOP monitors as in the past  and  now hundreds of thousands of ballots are deemed useless and fraudulent.  
Support Honest Elections – this is America, not Venezuela-Get ‘COUNT ALL LEGAL VOTES‘ Tshirt

56% of electorate favors GOP to Win SENATE after Jan runoff- What does that indicate?, but wait…

Election: What if you don’t fix the election system now? Then the same thing will happen in 2024 and beyond. It’s not just about Trump BUT about the election system. ‘Let’s move on’ they say and he could win in 2024. NOT. Because The election system will be the same thing then.

RoadToSuccess’ HUMOR : Dems’ Modus Operandi https://buff.ly/2UTLyg1

How did Biden get 10 million more votes than even Obama¿
And less votes than Hillary in all but Key swing states?

450,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania in 2016, 2,600,000 absentee votes in 2020!!

November 10th survey that shows
79% of republicans believe election stolen and 38% of democrats

=Dems even told their audience not to be surprised of major overnight flip election night

-Before election , many stories about voting machine incidents including in Dem media like WaPo and NY Times

-Tucker show 11-24:
Monitored election-Dem Dr Robert Epstein said that dems could have shifted up to 15 million votes within hours without anyone knowing it
Google Bias to Dems Smoking Gun :
Voting reminders only sent to Dems
At least 6 mil votes could have been shifted just because if Google, says Epstein. Google has leaked this and made sure Trump not elected since 2016

Why nobody cares? Google benefits
Sharyl Atkinson in new book SLANTED reminds us:
Right before election google and FB and twitter took down stories and blocked and
removed accounts

Dem Hypocracy

More > http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/11/election-central-its-not-over-for-trump-support-honest-elections/

Why won’t Georgia vote audit allow Trump to inspect signatures?

 Mr. Trump on Friday in tweet accused Kemp and Raffensperger of refusing to “let us look at signatures which would expose hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots” which he alleged would give the “Republican Party and me, David Perdue, and perhaps Kelly Loeffler, a BIG VICTORY.”   

“Why won’t they do it, and why are they so fast to certify a meaningless tally?” Mr. Trump tweeted.   
Since the results of the hand recount were still within the 0.5% margin, the Trump campaign may request another recount within two business days. If the Trump campaign does ask for another recount, it will be a machine recount.
Georgia was one of five states Mr. Biden flipped from Mr. Trump‘s 2016 victory. The state has not voted to send a Democrat to the White House since former President Bill Clinton won it in 1992.  
(CBS News)

(Editor: Trump Appears to understand what’s going on in What appears to be a very fraudulent election better than even his own Republican cohorts in Georgia and most people. Is they can’t review the signatures those votes should be null and void)

President’s office also questions why Michigan legislators would “casually dismiss’ valid concerns in Michigan voting irregularities and why more Republicans,in support of Trump, aren’t speaking out in defense. And then there is Mit h Romney-only he and Lamar Alexander have spoken out against election investigation

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is :no virtue.’ -Barry Goldwater

-‘Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.’ -Barry Goldwater

-‘Power corrupts’ Lord Acton

Even 1/3 of Dems believe election was stolen

-Retiring senator Lamar= right in front of their eyes.

Meaning of life :‘ to make differnces for the better‘- Rush Limbaugh. ‘ All good people matter.’ I know it makes me feel best when i can help.

Jason Whitlock- sums it all up, how and why we got to this point:

‘…Worship of skin color…white libs have convinced blacks to take God out of the! equation and replace it with Obama ,BLM , Harry Edwards 49ers ‘race coach’ etc

‘Skin color and BLM are the new religion’

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-RE. ‘NO EVIDENCE’ media mantra– Trump attorney Jenna Ellis: ‘NO credible attorney’ is going to go and put out evidence that can be tampered with by the media…’we don’t owe the media anything.. we owe the American people the truth.’

Meanwhile Fox news seems to be going further ‘south,’ quickly , with slimy anti-Trump questioning like that of Kristen Fisher

Editor:The pathetic thing is that we’re dealing not only with a would- be president but one that the media holds up as a la

Paragon of virtue, someone who could not even handle his own press conference alreday that had to be taken over by kamala Harris after Biden started talking jiberish

Sidney Powell Fires back at Carlson on Fox Business with Maria Bartiroma :
‘I can’t keep up with the firehouse…we’re a handfull of lawyers doing the work of what hundreds of federal agen t should be doing…
We will able to have the evidence in court in next 2 weeks

‘Voters statistical patterns in Pennsylvania and other States show patterns that can only be explained as fraud’ Dinesh D’Souza

BREAKING: How come 55 Dominion voting machine company employees backed out of fact finding hearing conference in Pennsylvania today and another 100 deleted their social media accounts? (SETH Grove)

cant go any lower
ATLANTA — Vice President Mike Pence returns Friday to the campaign trail, hitting the stump after two weeks of ducking the spotlight and largely staying silent while President Donald Trump rages about their election loss >

KAMALA Harris already answering for Biden at press conference. MEDIA ‘goes around’ Biden to re-ask question about conference call with governors

So, Tucker is going soft like Fox, who arent giving Trump team enough time to lay out ALL the extensive evidence… that’s THEIR problem they will regret for being Foxers. Hang in like a Trump, NOT a Romney or Fox >
http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/11/25-reasons-trump-should-overturn-election-result-and-win/ #Pressekonferenz #PressConference #giuliani

Most corrupt ‘president’ / family?-Biden 5 , totally ignored by mainstream media- and Biden himself cant refute charges. Is half America in denial or unaware or both? Talk about evidence> https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1797154857100642&id=1437429989675914 #biden #china #CorruptJoeBiden
http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/11/25-reasons-trump-should-overturn-election-result-and-win/ #Pressekonferenz #PressConference #giuliani

-“Nobody is better at saying nothing then Obama” Adam Corolla

Editor Sad excuse for media today -with their inane questions at the end and this lefty bunch , anything but journalists, following the company line with Giuliani and others batting them off like flies > http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/11/25-reasons-trump-should-overturn-election-result-and-win/ #Pressekonferenz #PressConference #giuliani

Really sad to watch the ‘opening statement’ press conference – not that the press conferences wasnt great- that it was the media- or what we’ve got as an excuse for media today -and their inane questions at the end their name lefty bunch of mostly 20- something people, anything but journalists just following the company line with Giuliani and the others batting them off like flies > http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/11/25-reasons-trump-should-overturn-election-result-and-win/ #Pressekonferenz #PressConference #giuliani

-CNN admits to changing its programming baSed on who is president

‘Not just about overturning this election but public having confidence in our election system. ‘ Currently cheating is in open season…need to at least arrest the cheaters

‘Heres the evidence’ as Giuliani holds up affidavits

-Donald j trump youtube channel was hacked and being made fun of…

See justthenews.com and Rantingly and Real clear

The very least the media should cover is the biggest pressor of the year…

Victor david Hansen has forced the elites to think

OPENING STATEMENT’ Explosive Trump Election Press Conference- complete coverage with Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis speaking -ignored by mainstream media- http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/11/25-reasons-trump-should-overturn-election-result-and-win/ #Pressekonferenz #PressConference #giuliani

Just said the mainstream media would cover up this news conference- not even report it -will tell you something and it could very well catch up with them.

Why aren’t people outraged about hundreds of obvious cases if voter fraud- ovsr 1,000 affidavits ;don’t people understand what we’re going through? were living in a country without legitimate media , legitimate governing bodies where the FBI is hiding or purposely ignoring the situation and the Justice department . it’s pretty scary. editor:Are people too dumb down to understand what’s going on. 30 years ago people would have questioned the media for not covering this stuff correctly or even not covering it at all

‘Pulled Michigan lawsuit’ because we don’t wanna certify false votes,’ says jenna ellis

Our goal to go around iron curtain of censorship ‘

Why are (Dominion machine) votes being counted in Spain and Germany.?

‘Matter of nat. Security-
States stupid to have votes counted by communists!’

Press conf ignored by media

Affidavits of no inspection of known dangerois mail ballots,

Best voter fraud team,’ Biden declares.No doubt

Other fraud:

– In heavy democratic precincts they are happy to correct errors in ballots but not so in GOP areas

-People in Pittsburg voted multie times…votes not registered we reassigned..

-witnesses were not allowed to inspect ballots and were even assaulted. ‘My cousin vinnie’ example. Are 60 people In just thus county who Signed affidavits lying under penalty of perjury? Why wouldnt allow inspection?

In Mich. There was a honest Dem…jessie jacob: “Mich, trained to cheat , make earlier mail dates. “This is evidence…See Constantino vs city of Detroit

‘Dont ask for ID, where required. Made sure to do this in corrupt cities..’Dont look for deficienies, signatures…because absentee ballots fraudulent…

Ignoring Judge Alito , instead of setting aside late ballots after nov. 3 they blantantly marked later ballots as nov 3
Under penslty of perjury

‘100 more affidavits i cant show you… but the media doesnt care and Will falsely report ‘ no evidence,’.

Giuliani: At 4:30 am truck drove up and inspectors came running thinkkng it was food but thousands of ballots , only for Biden. . Min 60,000, many triple counted in machines…because 3 Americans swore to it plus 60 other witnesses

Wayne county has 100 affidavits witnessing at keast 300,000 ballots miscounted
Vote.margin 130k

Wisconsin smaller margin….doesnt allow mail ins… 60k ballots in milwaukee plus 40k wonapplocatiobs- must be thrown away…all in just 2 counties wherenvote80% Dem…100k wisc 3o0k penn

OVERVOTEs- anything over normAl tur out..of 150% or even 300%.
Palmer Wouldnt certify because of the overvote in Wayne County ‘Massive fraud’

Georgia suit tomorrow
Gop not allowed to watch vote. Double voters. Out
of state voters. az suit may come. And NM and Va

In key states more than double…look at lawsuits..over 1000 affidavits

Think about..⁵ 3 morn.. this new ballot. Did every leader wake up and separa⁵tely have idea to put inspectors in pens to = mass plan to deceive , warned by Dems… Why Hillary said dont concede, freudian slip by Biden

We will be liken Venezuela if we let these crooks get away…fraudulent ballots…we will prove in court

Sidney Powell:
Massive infl of commun. Money of china etc
Dininion machines Crsted in vebezuelA. Witness w hugo chavsz at the time.

Ability to flip votes from Trump was only discovered when ma hines were so overloaded they were broken…

-Ties from Dominion to Soros, Clintons, etc
Foreign hate for Trump

-Can set ratio of votes to flip, e.g.67% for Biden, 33% fo Trump..similar algorythms used across countdy …tbis only discoved because of overwhelming no. of votes

–Easily hackable…trained how to remove trump votes and biden votes injected

-2 ways to cbeat. Flipping or injecting votes.even owner of Dominion-Magnetic explains

‘Need Investigation by Dept of justice etc’

‘We will not be intimitaded. We will take America back and clean this up.. and reclaim america.

“You will read in fake news tomorrow..’too long’ or too short…
This will NOT be short…”

-“Today is opening statement showing what networks are hiding. This us about protecting free amd fair elections.
.. if your fake news network is not covering it you have to ask why.. this takes time.”

Media opinion does not matfer. If not willing to talk about evidence not acceptable’

-“This is opening ststement..to show you what we will be showing .”- Giuliani at press conference
‘Elite strike force team’

-‘Nation of rules. Not Rulers’

-‘Not election Fraud but election manager fraud

-“Read Alexander Hamilton federal 568 security for this kind of corruption.
We will get to fair result.
If US caves to fraud we will never be safe. We will notnback down .you the press should cover this. You have to give us this opporti ity” – Sidney Powell

The world is watching this..same things done in other third world countries

-Michigan case- Costantino vs city of Detroit
Based on sworn testimony

-Even Dem Trevor Noah believes GOP has a point about all the missing ballots being found 2 weeks later

Tucker going soft on Trump like Fox and few others but dont let that influence you. Give the Trump team a chance to present ALL evidence, which takes time. Dont be like the lamestream

I’m afraid there are no more punch lines…everyone is drinking the koolaid

Everyone violating their own edict…Newsome,Pelosi,Feinstein,Cuomo,Widmer,Ainsley…

-Trump withdrawing Wisc suit because every vote is NOT counted…result of a bigger problem

Dem members of Wayne County election board go off on 2 GOP members citing racism and more, pressuring them to certify the election.

2 vote canvassers in Michigan were ridiculed and rebuked for speaking their minds, not willing to certify the election-forcing them to reverse their decision. (See Zoom call ridicule.) This is about election shenanigans. Its not just about this election but all future elections. They wont even let them count absentee ballot applications… Even Dem Trever Noah has his suspicions…when they’re discovering thousands of votes two weeks after the election…

Monica Palmer was promised an audit if she reversed. …and then they tool it back

I’m afraid there are no more punch lines…everyone is drinking the koolaid

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OPENING STATEMENT’ Major Trump Election Press Conference- complete coverage 1:30 min with Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis speaking

text 64600 to be on our list for up dates

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trump will win by 2-3 million votes
See below video and / or attached summary

STOP! You probably don’t have any idea where things stand in the election and you probably think Trump has lost from all the misinformation/false rumours and brainwashing you’ve received-unless you read this and Watch(ed) video(s) below , paticularly first one, Sunday Morning Futures (11-15) with Maria Bartiromo. Things are happening behind the scenes…

SORRY, TWO SIDNEY POWELL VIDEOS WERE REMOVED TWICE BY FOX but excerpts are below. If you believe the election is over, watch this late breaking news from Sunday Morning Futures (11-15) with Marie Bartiromo and watch Tucker Carlson below. Especially pay attention to Sidney Powell, following Rudy Giuliani. (POWELL is the attorney who was able to finally spring Michael Flynn).
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Trump Lawyers Confident of Evidence to Back Up ‘Stolen Election’ Claim, Trump Win by 2-3 Million Votes

Evidence is still coming in ‘like through a fire hose,’ says Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, in support of the Trump voter fraud allegations, with ‘hundreds of thousands’ of pieces of evidence.

Chief among them are the voting machine concerns.

Even many conservatives have given up hopes of a Trump Presidential win because they’re drinking the mass media koolaid. One can’t avoid the anti-Trump reporting these days

Yet, 70% of conservatives still believe the election was rigged, according to recent Gallup survey

Dominion machines were employed in all of the ‘battleground ‘ states (from above, Bartiromo video)

Powell with Bartiromo:

‘Enough evidence to launch a criminal investigation.’

Ret.admiral Peter Messenger was both on the board of Smartmatek, the company that owns the Dominion voting machines AND Bidens election board.

‘Millions of votes were changed.
These voting machines were designed to change votes, done on purpose. ‘ Powell says there’s so much evidence it’s like ‘ coming in through a firehose’
‘Hundreds of thousands’ of pieces of evidence have come in already…

It’s ‘all about the software,’ says Powell…even the manuals show how votes can be changed or deleted…and its not just the Dominion machines but machines used in other states where Dominion wasn’t used.

I don’t say things ‘if they can’t be proven,’ Powell stated emphatically when confronted if there was enough proof. She was very upset with our government for allowing these voting machines even after Democrat Senators Warren, Klobuchar and Connally had reported these machines.
Kickbacks were involved, too, says Powell.

Retired NSA Programmer corroborates above ‘corrupt’ voting machine info

‘Even the CIA is involved
-GINA Haskell should be fired.’
And the FBI had been informed about this,too, said Powell.
‘People who bought these machines (Dominion) knew exactly’ what they were getting.’
One advisor told other states not to use Dominion machines but they went ahead anyway, noted Powell.

POWELL SPOKE OF THE MACHINES’ ‘BACKDOOR’ FEATURE WHERE ‘ VOTES CAN BE WATCHED and changed in real time. Biden wasn’t kidding he could assure the election,she said, ‘even in his demented state.’

Powell noted the machines were set to give a 67% ratio of votes for Biden. POWELL SPOKE OF a statement from a witness (perhaps retired NSA worker in the video below) who knows all about the machine, used in many corrupt countries.

Powell made sure to say, in closing, that the two lead attorneys were there for the long run:



Contrary to public opinion, all celebrities are not Biden supporters. Here are 50 Trump supporters you may not have known about.

Giuliani with Bartiromo:

‘Way beyond what people think.’ Dominion and Smartmatek are radical companies tied to Venezuela and George SOROS, where votes are sent overseas TO COUNT VOTES, stop voting when one is behind so they can catch up.

Detroit had 100k all-Biden votes rushed in-only time enough to put single name, Biden, on the ballots. Only in key, swing states was vote counting stopped – Michigan for sure and double checking other states.

Giuliani says the corruption took place ‘in big corrupt cities ‘with the corrupt machines – PA, MI, AZ BIG CITIES –
where Trump ‘WON BY 2-3% IN THOSE STATES.‘ The same

He questioned How can Biden win with so much GOP support going to Congress CAMPAIGNING OFF TRUMP COAT TAILS. Trump should have been the big winner-and he will be.

JIM JORDAN (last guest on the p r ogram) :

“Tens of millions of Americans believe the election was stolen from them.” Carlson tells the facts of what happened, based on affidavits, not hearsay you get nowadays in media ,both social and otherwise. “Gathering fact is the last thing our media wants to do. 11-11-20. Yes, illegal activity always happens in elections, but not like this…


No One of these Many Reasons Alone May Prove Why Trump Should Overturn the 2020 Election But Add Them Together And You’ve Got a Very Convincing Case Resulting in hundreds of thousands of changed votes

1. Over 500 separate complaints to date of voter tampering against Biden compared to zero tampering reported against Trump , eg  Whistle blower election worker who said all workers were told to backdate ballots that came in late in  Detroit. This could result in a high number, if accurate…

2. They say there are always cases of election voter fraud, but here it was only on one side, with all 500 voter tampering affidavit cases against Biden , 0 againsg Trump!

3. Extreme, outrageous examples of voting fraud from ‘fixed voting machines’ to Postal workers who were told to backdate Biden votes to actual burning of Trump ballots

VOTER FRAUD: Kimberly Strassel of WSJ addresses actual Trump burned ballots amomv other things

4. Trump was much stronger with ‘minority’ groups this election – blacks (double), hispanic, asian and white women; they said if he did well in even just the black vote he could never lose the election

5. Why was it only in the key swing states (PA, WI, NC, AZ and GA) where Trump was suddenly down in the vote AFTER election night, after being way ahead on election day?

6. Why was it only in those same swing states there were so many voting problems with voting counts delayed many days? States like Florida and Texas finished their voting on election day with no problems.

For 4 Hours postal worker Richard Hopkins said FBI agents ‘were grilling the hell out of me “ after he went public about his boss telling him to backdate ballots…

7. Biden Got 15 Million More Votes Than Obama did (editor:yeah, right)

8. Even with stolen votes, Trump Got 10 Million more votes than in 2016

9. Even With those extra 10 million more votes, how was it (only) in those five key swing states Trump fared (comparatively) worse after than in 2016?

10. Even left-leaning PBS news questioned the Dominion voting machines, in a recent pre-election story, October 25

11. Even Democratic congressperson Zoe Loefgren questioned the Dominion machines (before the election, of course), questioning it’s China place of manufacture and components

12. Dominion CEO stated that there are ‘no totally sound voting machines’ – Matt Gates, Florida congressman: Dominion voting system ‘changed more votes than Putin ever did in the 2016 election.’ 

13. Much of Trump’s and other conservative advertising were banned from twitter right before the election and weren’t able to get their important ‘get out the vote’ messages out, unlike Biden,  who was carried by the media

14. 600,000 votes came in for Biden AFTER Tuesday night deadline. UNPRECEDENTED with all-Biden ballots dumped at 4:30 am Wednesday morning  According to Giuliani and others, the Dems didn’t expect Trump would go do so well and had to work fast to make up the ballots

Statistically impossible’ for 138,000 all pro-Biden ballots to suddenly appear at 2 am Wednesday morning day after election, says Katherine Harris, 2002 Florida Bush-Gore election

15. Missing Crucial Provisional Ballots: Why Pennsylvania (and This Election) Isn’t Over.

16. All the above totally suppressed by media or billed as another   ‘GOP  lie’

 17. There were ‘90% of registered voters’ with votes cast in Wisconsin. But were they really? Never happened before. It was 30% less in 2016

18. States including Nevada and Arizona took much too long to count votes. The longer the count the more chance for voter fraud

3rd World Voting in U.S. – Computers are Controlling Your Votes- ‘Tuesday Night Miracle’ Debunked with Trump Legal Vote Gain

Major history that will affect your life is happening under your nose but you probably don’t even know it because you follow the the mainstream media

19. Prior to this election, only five states had mail-in voting. This election it went up to 30 states no thanks to the Dems and their election staff of 322 lawyers changing the playing field with their covid ruse.   Its a known fact mail-in ballots are easy to fake, vote multiple times, etc, with signatures are usually not required. Dems have long rejected voter ID, which would have cut way back
on voter fraud

20. Dems have planned obstruction of this election for 2 years, getting election laws changed with 322 law suits in 45 states for no postal mark, no signature and extended deadlines.    They would go TO their favorite judges if they didnt get their way. They used virus ‘fig leaf’ in PA and some states not for the virus but to help Biden

21. DEO: Michigan County Discovers ‘Glitch’ That Gave 6,000 Trump Votes To Biden – National File . Many other states used same Dominion vote machines that were found faulty and rejected by Texas


23. RE-CAPPING PREVIOUS POINT, PERHAPS THE BIGGEST POTENTIAL VOTER FRAUD OF ALL THAT COULD RESULT IN TENS OF THOUSANDS OF CHANGED VOTES:  Sidney Powell noted roughly 80k questionable ballots in each of five key states (490,000) with ‘manufactured’ ballots. DEMOCRAT ‘Computer system algorythm’ fraud is why voting suddenly stopped election night so Democrats could add in hundreds of thousands of all-Biden votes.          

24.How could Trump lose in an atmosphere where ALL 15 incumbents won by  largely riding on  Trump coattails. Trump should haVe been the big numeric winner but votes were secretly stolen/replaced over night

25. How the Dems could scheme to stop the vote count election day night as Trump was well ahead by hundreds of thousands of votes in all  swing states and then started bringing in thousands of fake,  all-Biden votes,as  needed to compensate. And-NOT SO SURPRISING FLASH: Biden takes lead in PA three days later after being down 600,000 votes  on election night. Biden takes lead in GA after being down 5% election nite. Same already happened in WI and MI again, where moreSUMMARY-It’s as simple as the Dems scheming to get mail-in ballots with no signature necessary plus extension time so they see Trumps numbers at end of election day and add just enough fake ballots for Biden  to go ahead of Trump to win the election, i.e the ‘wednesday morn surprise’- and thats exactly what happened. If all counting was In by election day, as in the past, there’d be no problem. It wouldn’t give Dems that extra time they ‘bougbt’ to add more ballots as needed

More Election: http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2020/11/3067/ +

– AmericanSpectator> https://spectator.org/ Crucial Provisional Ballots: Why Pennsylvania (and This Election) Isn’t Over.

-Biden tells us he wants all the ballots counted (may we add the word ‘legal’?) So we need to do that including the 100k provisional ballots just discovered in PA which are 3 to 1 for Trump.

– Dims couldn’t have planned it any better except for making so obvious their razor -thin victory margins in all three states. Guess it would have taken too long to prepare and stuff more illegal ballots to make it look less obvious and then in cahootz with media for Sat ‘dump Trump’ announcement.

Recommendation: Quit Fox and other media or at least watch it with Newsmax TV with key players like Dick Morris and Greg Kelley or AON nws.mx/sby7

Massive Evidence Democrats, Big Tech, and the Fake News Media are trying to STEAL this election and Remove President Trump


To Sum It Up,

‘They’ve’ cheated on everything else during President Trump’s four years, from two years of phony Russia Collusion scam and losing Muller Investigation to Ukraine scam and now the election scam. And with 25 valid reasons so far, We’re sure they cheated big time here and we’re seeing more and more evidence of it with more coming in by the  hour but We’re waiting to see the hundreds of thousands of ballots-almost all Biden votes -that were dumped  between late Tuesday 11-3 and Wednesday morning in MI, Wi, NC and PA.



-OVERHEARD IN THE BELT WAY…’Dems have become fascists – DO NOT QUESTION THEM.’

-Some of many top Trump ‘2nd Term’ supporters: Those who are strong advocates of His Winning the Election Even Now(many more than these but these stood out): Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs , Maria Bartiromo
and Trish Regan , and Podcast host- Dave Ruben. radio and podcast host of the Blaze and other venues- Kevin McCarthy, GOP House Chairman , Rush Limbaugh, Hannity and Tucker Carlson and the Extensive Trump team headed by Kaley McInaney and many more. Shout out to those and especially Limbaugh, who has done a yeoman’s job of parsing the news and comment while fighting cancer. Sadly , there are some who seem to have given up or taken a rather neutral view- expecting Trump to lose, such as Bill OReilly. And then there are the out of touch never-Trumpers we won’t even dignify by mentioning names.

TRUMPS TWO ROADS TO VICTORY (as told by Presidnet to Byron York:
1) Pick up more votes in close contests (AZ and GA) via recount and audit
2) Where larger margins like Penn, have bulk ‘illegal’ votes thrown out via court actions

10 Reasons Why Trump Should Overcome Likely Systemic ‘Voter Fraud’ and Win Re-ElectionOo9YZpMJ0D

10 Reasons Why Trump Should Overcome Likely Systemic ‘Voter Fraud’ and Win Re-Election



-‘OPENING STATEMENT’ Major Trump Election Press Conference- complete coverage 1:30 min