Sunspotter technology pinpoints gunshots within seconds. This map shows heaviest number of shootings in East Oakland

More than 180 assaults with a firearm have been reported in Oakland so far in 2020, according to Oakland Police .
That is 34-percent up from last year.

However, police say about 86-percent of shootings across the city are not reported and it may be even higher with fewer cops foliowing recent defunding of police (Editor: Please ‘splain that one Lucy).

ShotSpotter, a tool that the department utilizes, shows the location near a crime. You can call Crime Stoppers anonymously at (510) 777-8572 we are told in another press release by aoakland police.

The City has seen a recent spike in homicides, between June 24 to July 2nd, seven lives have been lost to violence. Nationwide we’ve seen a similar spike with dozens and hundreds of weekly black on black killings in our cities that go largely unreported yet the comparatively low numbers of covid millenial deaths are.

Other cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Seatlle are also trying to cope with the difficult challenge of curbing crime spikes with fewer cops following defunding of many poice forces.


‘The Oakland Police Department will not tolerate any form of hate crime. We are dedicated to serving our community and have created a task force to investigate any claim of a hate crime in Oakland.’ Says another press release. (EDITOR: Should be quite a task especially after Mayor Schaff’s recent failed ‘noose’ report and no other confirmed hate crimes in recent years in this lib eral city

With this rash of press releases including another on gun confiscstion, It appears the city is depending on the public now , for policing itself more than the actual police.