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Retired Army officer and blogger Donald Sensing poses some questions that are getting overlooked in the midst of all the protests, rioting and name-calling sparked by the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

Questions like, if this is because of “systematic racism,” why was the system so racist? Democrats are trying to blame President Trump and Republicans, but there are zero Republicans in power in Minneapolis and hardly any in-state offices. Indeed, Minneapolis is one of the most liberal cities in America and has been for nearly half a century. So why is their justice system allegedly so racist? Given the Democrats’ promises and positions, and their decades of total control, shouldn’t it have the least racist system in America?

Another question definitely worth asking: Why did Officer Chauvin think that he could literally get away with murder, even in these hyper-sensitive times? The likely answer is not one that Democrats will want to hear, and it doesn’t involve Donald Trump.

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“…Urban police unions who block accountability for bad cops contribute to Dimocratic politicians running cities who haven’t elected Republicans in 50 years…yet somehow the cause of the problem is thrown at the feet of a President who’s only been in office 3-1/2 years?!?

Editor’s Note:

We might add that it was the liberal MInnesota establishment that continued to rehire Police Office Chauvin even after 19 years and 18 complaints against him. This may coincide with the above point about urban police unions.

Keith Ellison
While we’re at it, we recently learned that Antifa sympathiser and MInnesota A.G. Keith Ellison (here with leader of Antifa) will be heading up the trial for the four cops in Minneapolis. Of all people to head up the investigation, we also ask the question, how could the cops possibly get a fair trial?

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