Former New York Police Chief Bernie Kerik defends police – the rare pro-cop media interview you will see and this was from Fox news, hardly the mainstream media and one of only a handful youll see on youtube, buried way down.

Police / chiefs are resigning or calling in sick in many towns across America like in Menlo Park CA. Are many police depts being unfairly targeted with one-way, criticism of police by their own local officials?

We Back Blue’: Hundreds rally in Napa and other cities to support law enforcement | #WEBACKBLUE

Seattle cop says ‘yesterday I was a hero,’ now have ‘bullseye on my back’

When is it city mayors’ and officials rights to reactively criticise its own police without due process? And, especially, the news media’s place to criticise?. The George Floyd killing in Minneapolis was one thing but its another to criticise less clearcut instances of so-called ‘police brutality’ like the recent case in Atlanta where police had to deal with a drunken, insubordinant repeat offender who stile a cop’s taser and tried to ‘shoot’ the cop. The ‘thin blue line’ where police , white and black, used to have more rights to protect themsleves seems to be growing thinner by the day.

Could 3 or 4 months of a politically-charged pandemic really erase 50 years of relative prosperity and improved(?) Race relations -and it’s been 50 years since the 1964 landmark civil rights legislation and billions of dollars later?

Rest of Story’ Not Covered by Mainstream – Pro-Police backlash protests in Napa and other cities, People Less Happy Today After 50 Years of Civil Rights Legislation and billions of dollars later
Studies show American people are less happy today than ever before >