Former Department of Justice prosecutor, Sydney Powell ‘I Am Livid Over The Mueller Investigation’, shares her strong views of key participants in the Mueller investigation which she wrote about in her new book Licensed to Lie  on the John Frederickson Show

The historical facts were there how Robert Mueller and his long-time henchman, Andrew Wiseman, repeatedly set up illegitimate investigations to destroy innocent people in the Enron case, Merrill Lynch and ‘Russia Collusion’ nee Trump investigations but it wasn’t until former prosecutor in the Justice Department, Sydney Powell’s desire to expose these McCarthy – like tactics that we now learn the sordid truth of the serious leftist political cabal that goes back before and through the Bush administration, hidden behind Obama’s coattails and right to today and the duo’s strong-armed attempt to take down President Trump with another concocted investigation, according to Powell.

Perhaps with old school journalists like Walter Cronkite and Tim Russert we would have learned long ago or reminded of those behind the Enron investigation and now ‘Russian Collusion’ investigation long ago, but since mainstream media and half the country and it’s democrat leadership are part of an apparent effort to ‘bring down’ President Trump , it’s hard for people like Powell to get their messages across, thus her self-published book.

Powell appeared in what may have been her first major media exposure on Mark Levin’s Levin, Life and Liberty Fox TV interview program January 27 where Powell ‘unpeeled’ and exposed the Mueller-Wiseman tag team of corruption that continues unabated to complete what President Trump and other mostly conservatives have called a ‘witch hunt.’ In the interview Powell agreed with Levin’s premise that the investigation of Trump was being staged from the time of Trump’s election. Powell earlier appeared on lesser-known programs where she could be given a voice, like the John Frederickson Show, below . Licensed to Lie – Sydney Powell   

Sidney Powell in segment from hour-long  enlightening interview on Mark Levin’s Fox program, Life, Liberty and Levin

Powell tells how Mueller, Wiseman and their hand-picked (with the help of Obama- think Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Brennan, Clapper, etc. – and others continue to get away with their strong – armed tactics which include putting perfectly innocent people in solitary confinement prisons and worse. How do we know they were innocent? Most every conviction by Mueller has been reversed upon appeal to as high as the Supreme Court but only after destroying lives and successful companies (Arthur Anderson Accountants and to some extent Merrill Lynch and Enron Corporation).

sydney powell exposes Mueller and corruption in Justice Department

Licensed to Lie – Sydney Powell   exposes Mueller and corruption in Justice Department