2-16-18 by Jack Saves and The Time Traveler @WakeAmericaNow  @theRoad2Success


Trumpers Turn Tables – Expose the REAL Colluders by the Day –


The FBI just seems to be digging itself deeper in its latest effort to ‘misdirect’ – this time with regard to it’s error of omission in the Florida school shootings.


Why would the FBI suddenly come out on on a Friday before a long weekend with a faux ‘blockbuster’ indictment of 13 Russian election ‘colluders’ and three other Russian nationals? 


For over a year Special Council Robert Mueller has concentrated-with no apparent results- to find collusion between  Russia and the Trump team in regard to influencing the 2016 Presidential elections. Now, on the eve of the long Presidents Day weekend, Mueller has finally come up with RUSSIAN  indictments the   investigation was  intended for: to go after Russian meddling in  the U.S. election against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

But on Wednesday of this week, it came out that the same FBI ‘blew it’ in the non-capture of admitted Florida School Massacre killer Nikolus Cruz they were set up to do last January when an informant brought to the FBI’s attention very serious evidence of what would become the third worst school shooting in American history. After a flimsy admission of error by FBI head Chris Wray, second man    in charge Rod Rosenstein would follow it up with what the lamestream media regarded as a ‘blockbuster’ ‘breaking news’ of the first REAL Russian collusion  indictments since the investigation began – and against Russia.  It was a bit of surprise to see anything  have to do with   the investigation’s supposed REAL intent since Mueller has spent the first year going after his own U.S. allies instead.  With no real results, perhaps Mueller and company  finally had to dredge up something else to cover their butts after a year of obfuscation (only several indictments of U.S. officials that had nothing to do with real Russian collusion.



So, here on Friday morning just before everyone  prepares to hit the road for the long weekend do we get this surprise press conference from Rosenstein in the midst of all the hubub with more FBI distrust in the Florida massacre. (This comes after a truly concerted, real  and active investigation by the  Congressional Intel committee looking into what has been confirmed as a PHONY DOSSIER bought and paid for by the Dimms to discredit Trump before AND after the election, Now this scheme involving British agenty Chris Steele DID inolve real apparent Russian COLLUSION but not by the Trump team but by HILLARY and the Russians!

No doubt Mueller and Co. had  this lesser ‘boring’ story of the Russians, themselves,   colluding in the election all ready to spring on the Press ‘when the time was right.’  Meanwhile, back at the REAL ranch of collusion The REAL Russian Collusion Coup by the DeepState   is Being Exposed by the TrumpTrain…


Meanwhile, GOP wing of the media continues to come up with NEW EVIDENCE , by the day, of Obama administration’s attempts to truly stifle last year’s election on  many counts – including trying to block their own beloved leftist Bernie Sanders in his run against   more mainstream Dimm Hillary. (Of course, Bernie never seemed to care since Hillary and Co. were bribing him with new homes and such…)

And now we know the rest of the story why Bernie is smiling behind closed doors of his Hillary-bought-and-paid new home / never seemed to care that his pal Hillary stole the race from him.

And what better time than now to distract from their own blame for missing the huge opportunity to catch Cruz which would  end up with 13 people killed in Florida. At least with the Russian colluders, the FBI and Dimms have SOMETHING to put there for the media and Left, though the chances of these latest indictments going anywhere are very low. Try bringing over those 13 Russians for trial in America. But, at least the lamestream will have something to talk about other than more blame of the FBI – as the GOP wing of the media continues to come up with NEW EVIDENCE , by the day, of Obama adminstration’s attempts to truly stifle last year’s election on  many counts – including trying to block their own beloved leftist Bernie Sanders in his run against the more mainstream Dimm Hillary.

Meanwhile, the GOP seems to have a REAL investigation or two or three (DossierGate ne FisaGate ne UranimumGate) on their hands that are just picking up steam with almost daily new memos from favorite new GOP darling Nunez and company

And, oh, by the way., what about that investigation against Obama  for meddling in the Israeli elections against Bebe Netenyahu? Never a blip on the lamestream media agenda despite a much more serious charge than the non-collusion by Trump which they’ve finally started to give up on.



‘And they really believed that we’re all Republicans running this scam – at least for awhile’