Even as  The Memo was released 2-2-18, Brian Mudd had already connected the dots showing a clear pattern of Democrats and Friends in the FBI/Justice Departments trying to make sure President Trump never became President. (Remember, the ‘insurance’ Peter Strzok had texted to his mistress in the FBI? ) Brian Mudd is one of those guys who did an especially good job at dot connecting, and he laid it all out on Levin Radio Show the day the Memo was released

**THE MEMO – Four Page Contents (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation)**


Two Sides To Every Story – ONE FACT’ – FISA MEMO  DE-MYSTIFIED

30 COUNT INDICTMENT DERIVED FROM ‘MEMO’ –  in Chronological Order

(summarized transcription from Brian Mudd radio airing 2-2-18)

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Brian Mudd of WJNO fills in for Mark. Nancy Pelosi is saying President Trump has surrendered his responsibility as commander in chief for releasing this memo with highly classified information, however the President can declassify any information he wants. There are four pages of stone cold reality in this Nunes memo. The Democrats say you can’t trust the contents of the memo but we haven’t heard anyone dispute any specific facts. There are two sides to every story and one side to every fact (as Brian Mudd reminds us), and if the premise of everything isn’t right then everything built on it is false. One claim in the memo is that both the DOJ and FBI petitioned the FISA court to do surveillance on Carter Page just two and a half weeks before the 2016 election. Another claim is that the FISA warrant had to be certified by DOJ and FBI high ranking officials. These facts are not in dispute as no one is denying that Rod Rosenstein signed at least one of the FISA warrants. We have former FBI directors, a former deputy FBI director, and a deputy attorney general that are all corrupt. Also, Remember how Adam Schiff said this memo was bogus before it was released? Now his response is unintelligible and he can’t dispute the facts. If the claims of the memo are not going to be disputed, then people need to be put behind bars. Finally, Trump might be the only reason we don’t become a banana republic, but the ball is now in Jeff Session’s court to follow through this memo to the next step, i.e. special prosecutor, or , at least, Congress must act, or even President Trump (Any chance of replacing Sessions if he doesn’t act soon -with perhaps soon-to-be-available Trey Gowdy? }. When it comes to bringing justice to what the FBI and DOJ have done, we are about to see what Sessions is made of.

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         There’s always been impropriety at FBI, as radio host Brian Mudd reminds us. Agents have been fired, demoted, reassigned. But, You have to first go back to Uranium One. Even Mueller, himself, had to know something was going on in the Obama Administration and the State Department. When you have all these high level officials involved in impropriety the premise is false. Can you consider that source?No. And here we are today.

If you  really believe Pelosi and Comey, who responded ‘Is that it?’ to the memo, then you need a brush up on the case, says Mudd.  There are two sides to every story but only one factual. And that’s where we go. Consider your sources along the way.


1st Claim/ (Indictment) in memo: First point in memoOn Oct 21, 2016, two weeks before the election. The FBI and Justice Department started to petition FISA for permission to get a warrant (on Carter Page). We KNOW that high ranking officials had to  sign off on this. We KNOW this much. No disputing this claim no  1 FACT.

2nd Claim: Application for FISA warrant had to be certified by either the director or deputy director of the FBI. Fact nobody can dispute.

3rd claim: Initial warrant, on Carter Page, had to be renewed every 90 days.Fact. No disputing

4th claim: FBI Director James Comey signed three of the 5 FISA warrants. Fact.

5th claim: Deputy Director Andrew McCabe also signed a FISA warrant.

6) Deputy Attorney General, at the time, Sally Yates signed off on one FISA warrant. Remember Yates and how she pushed back. So that’s another fact.

7) Yet another deputy Attorney General, Dana Vanetta, signed at least one FISA warrant. So that makes James Comey, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe and Dana Venetta all signing off on FISA warrants allowing people in the Clinton aggregation to spy on Trump’s drive for the Presidential election.  Again, these are facts nobody can dispute.

8) None other than Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein becomes yet a fifth to sign a FISA release to allow for  surveillance / wiretapping. No wonder Rosenstein got pretty loud of late not wanting ‘The Memo’ to be released. Once again, has anyone denied that Rosenstein has signed at least one of these FISA warrants? No. Nobody disputes this fact.

9) Christopher Steele was an FBI source, as we establish the initial ‘players.’ You begin to see the many Democratic connections and just how corrupt are these players at the highest levels of the FBI and Justice Department, how they are all involved. Everybody had a hand in these FISA warrants and the renewal of them. They all knew.

So, what was the purpose of all these FISA warrents? This is a quote in ‘the memo’ just released:

‘The Dossier was essential to the warrant process.’ Has anyone not agreed that the Dossier was essential in getting the warrant? No. Even Andrew McCabe said as much under intelligence questioning.

10)Cristopher Steele was paid $160 million by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and the Clinton campaign via their law firm of Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS. Any disputes yet? NO. Nobody can argue that Steelel was paid by the DNC and Clinton Campaign.

Not even Adam Shill, Nancy Pelosi or even Andrew Wierner have disputed any of these points. They have come up with their own outrageous points but nothing to dispute these points.If noneof of the above is in dispute  how can it be bugus?  Sure, they can obfuscate around other incidentals but not these hard, connected facts. Just attempts at rhectoric to politicize and push-back to make you think along partisan lines is what we’ve gotten from the Dimms and not to look at the entire facts involved in the memo. That is the game they’re playing. The Dimms don’t expect you to read or look at the facts. Few of the legislators even read the memo, themselves. They just expect their Dimm followers to fall in lock-step. So, none of the specific claims are being disputed in the memo.


IN summary, we’ve learlned that the FISA was first award October 21, 2016 , just two and half weeks before the election. Interesting timing. (Remember Strzok’s desire for ‘insurance’ against Trump somehow winning the Presidency.’) We also know that you had to  have both the FBI and the Justice Department sign off on the FISA warrant and all the renewals. We know that these efforts to get FISA warrents were taking plus just BEFORE the election, DURING the election and AFTER the election.. Remember when President Trump was complaining that he was being wiretapped and the Dimms and many Republicans didn’t believe him, even mocked him. Well, now we know HE WAS RIGHT!

So, far all these people have been found complicit in the memo: James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Vanetta, Rob Rosenstein and Christopher Steele. And Steele with his $160,000,000 and Fusion GPS along with  DNC and Clinton Campaign are all connected in    these claims. No disputing this.

11) The Purpose of the ‘Steele’ Dossier was to show ‘Trump ties to Russia. ‘ No disputing this, either.

12) The funding of the Dossier was NEVER DISCLOSED TO THE FISA COURT.  All the above named KNEW about the funding but they NEVER DISCLOSED to the FISA Court this information. How convenient. Has anyone disputed that? Mueller? Guess not.

13) The FISA request left the sourcing off of the FISA request despite knowing that it was Fusion GPS.

14) Also never disclosed was that the warrant was being conducted for a Russian organization but, instead, only for a ‘private citizen.’

So, those six or more involved left everything off the FISA request, including the sourcing for the Warrant , who would pay for it and who it was for.

15) The FBI authorized an ADDITIONAL PAYMENT for the dossier. Amazingly, even though the FBI knew EVERYTHING, that it was paid for by the DNC, that the FIX WAS IN, yet the FBI AUTHORIZED ANOTHER PAYMENT!  ANOTHER FACT ONE CAN’T DISPUTE.


Pelosi among the  Doubting Thomases and Tomasinas – but have they fully read and made FACTUAL sense of the Memo as Brian Mudd has in this report? As Mudd says, there are Two Sides to Every Story but Only One Can Be FACT-ual









16) On September 23, Yahoo News (of all media) linked Carter Page to Moscow to corroborate the evidence. Interesting to see Yahoo News, Mother Jones and James Comey all in the MEMO. This Yahoo News story was also used as part of the FISA request.

17)  Christopher Steele leaked the Yahoo news story. So, now we have an FBI informant, in Steele, being paid by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign to produce derogatory information that is leaking the story to Yahoo News that is then used as supporting evidence to the FISA court which is not being told about ANY of this background information signed off on by top level FBI and Justice Dept. officials. And nobody is disputing any of this. How about that Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, James Comey? Try to dispute any of this. Make up your own stories but you can dispute any of these claims -these FACTS – in the Memo.

18) Steele was left out as the ‘leaker’ when submitting the FISA request.

19) In a British interview, Steele admitted to being the source of the Yahoo leak story. 

20.) The law firm of Perkins Coie was used to pay for the dossier

21 ) The law firm of Perkins Coie was used by the Clinton Campaign to funnel money to Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele. Has anyone disputed this fact? No.

22.) Steele was suspended and  fired after revealing  to Mother Jones on September 16  that he was an FBI source

23.) After being fired Steele maintained contact with the Justice Department, specifically Bruce Orr and justice officials including Sally Yates who report to, yes, Rod Rosenstein. Interesting how the Justice Dept. became the new point of contact after Steele was fired by the FBI.  Again, these are known FACTS that nobody has disputed that we know of.

24.) Christopher Steele told Bruce Orr that he was ‘desperate’ that Donald Trump not get elected. (Don’t believe all this about Steele, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein being true  Republicans – much like you see all those so-called ‘Republican Strategists’ like Steve Smith on CNN and other mainstream media.)

25.) Deputy Attorney General Bruce Orr’s wife was employed by Fusion GPS (you can’t make this stuff up, as they say). (Nice little collusion ring going between Steele and now Orr at the Judicial Dept taking over fomr the FBI all while Orr’s wife is getting paid by Fusion GPS to work on the Russian dossier), More hard-to-belive FACTS  beyond dispute – Two sides to every story but only ONE FACT.

 26.) Bruce Orr took information from his wife, working at Fusion GPS , over to the FBI. How convenient. Now that Steele was fired by the FBI, Orr simply walks over information from his wife to the FBI

27.) Bruce Orr’s wife, working at Fusion GPS,  was never disclosed to the FISA court. This adds to the long list of others also   never disclosed to the FISA court. So , none of the ‘players’ were ever reported to the FiSA court

28.) The FBI counter-intelligence assistant director , Bill Priestap, cited the dossier investigation cited this as the ONLY time FBI went to the FISA court. So, this is something that would never have been done under ordinary circumstances but this was Sept 21, just two and a half weeks before the election.

29.) FBI director James Comey ‘alerted’   President Trump of the dossier in September despite not having had the dossier corroborated, Was Comey really trying to do Trump a favor by giving him a heads up before he might be inaugurated? Never mind that Comey was in on the fix.

*30.) FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe testified in September, 2017 that the FISA warrants would have NEVER BEEN AWARDED WITHOUT THE DOSSIER. This is a key , critical point that the Dimms have tried ot dispute . But, again, facts are facts.

THOSE ARE THE MEMO FACTS, BEYOND DISPUTE. Hopefully, more people will read this ‘ rest of the story’ to gain more complete knowledge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation