Guns Don't Kill -People Do POSTER , thirt etc

Guns Don’t Kill -People Do POSTER , tshirt etc

Australia Gun Ban Effect

Australia Gun Ban Effect


Guns Not Responsible -It’s People Who Use Them Say  (Liberal) Study,

Other Country Research

The woman who headed up a guns study with the most respected Democrat  (‘538’) Polling Group now

says that the rush to gun reform is not the way to quell gun violence, in the wake of the Las Vegas

massacre (Washington Post) . Other citings such as the International Crime Victims survey and Australia study even show a

much increased rate of gun violence following gun bans

Leah Libresco, the lead researcher then at 528, now says that it’s more emphasis has to be placed on the reasons and background behind the gun deaths. She notes that the majority of gun violence in America involves suicides. Even there, she finds people will find a way to suicide even without guns if they are not helped psychologically. Same goes for other major violence including inner-city gun deaths, which largely involve gangs. People such as gun hobbyists can get guns and even enhance them with bayonets, etc but new laws restricting guns is probably not the answer to lowering the murder rate, according to Libresco. She found that even in Europe and Australia where gun laws are very strict that any correlation to with American gun violence is ambiguous

Libresco feels potential gun perpetrators need more access to intervention and people who might help them with personal and/or medical issues, perhaps in an increasingly insular society where personal interactions have become less and less.

vegas massacre

Studies, like the noted below Australian study actually show that crime and gun violence goes up when guns are banned

Other studies, like the noted below Australian study actually show that crime and gun violence goes up when guns are banned, probably because criminals are more likely to take advantage of the situation knowing they will be less likely to be countered with guns plus average citizens are unable to defend themselves.


Australia gun study

Australia gun study


Underlying Reasons Why People Kill

It’s not because people happen to have a gun that they kill but any number of underlying reasons. These would be the issues it would appear society should try to deal with in curbing violence of any kind:

10. Mercy killing:

9. Road discipline:

8. Greed:

7. Anger:

6. Self-defense:

5. Religion arguments:

4. Alcohol and drugs:

3. Revenge:

2. Money:

1. Domestic reasons




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Guns Not Responsible -It’s People Who Use Them (Liberal) Study, Other Country Research Shows