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For months Schiff has bashed the President and his own committee, even before the latest ‘controversy’ with chairman Nunez. Schiff has been the leftist media’s best friend with many times over the airtime we’ve seen for CHAIRMAN NUNEZ.  In fact, Nunez has done nothing wrong including informing the President first of his recent findings; the case is not about the President and he cleared it with  House leader Ryan before going to the President. Yet the media continues to want Nunez , like so many others to resign or not be selected. Now it’s time to turn the tables and go after people like Schiff , for whom there is much more reason to be removed from the committee – if nothing else than for not working together.

Then there are other ‘miserable’ Democrats like ‘Murky’ Waters, ‘Upchuck’ Schumer and ‘Stretch’ Pelosi who the GOP should stop tip-toe-ing around and ‘go after’ the way they go after Trump and Republicans without merit. And, for these folks there is GOOD REASON to go after them for slander and other REAL reasons – not the made-up, phony things of which they accuse the GOP members such as the supposed ‘Russian hacking’ for which   somehow ‘influenced’ US voting for Trump.   Republicans may not always agree with each other which at least shows they have personal opinions , often for good of the people, unlike the average Democrat who votes the party line in lock-step and more today than ever.  While its admirable in some respect, the GOP continues to lose out to the aggressive left, always appearing to ‘knock out’ the latest GOP leader or issue. With the media by their side, the Democrats appear to hold the advantage today despite having lost 1000 Congressional members since Obama took office eight years ago.  It’s time for Republicans to at least counteract these left-wing ‘bashers’ who go after the GOP on nearly every issue today.

President Trump got elected because he heard the people and stood up for the little guy without fear of getting voted our of office or some other reason. It’s high time for other Republicans to come  quickly to Trump’s and others’ defense when the Dems send their pit-bulls out against the GOP. And a good one to start with would be Adam Schiff, Democrat of the intel committee who has all but refused to work with

California Representative Jackie ‘The Spear’ Speier is the latest to come out asking for Intel Committee Chairman Chief Nunez to resign simply because he shared his latest intelligence findings with the president while claiming the investigation into Russian hacking to help Trump win the electgion just began when it’s been going on since last year. Now, it’s time for some Republicans to speak out against some of these many Democrats asking for Nunez’ head  or for the committee to be run independently for no good reason.

Congrats also to President Trump, perhaps the only one to come out strongly against the continuing ‘Russian hacking’ story which has gone on for over six months despite to solid facts to base it on while the Trump ‘wire tapping’ story is being all but ignored by mainstream media despite a growing number of solid evidence showing the Obama administration clearly  was surveiling Trump prior to and after the election for no other reason but to try to stop him and help Hillary win the election.  Time to turn this investigation up

So, try being a little more Vocal and encourage our GOP Leaders to speak out- Give / Sell Swamp Creatures Posters