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Trump /GOP has every right to follow through with voter fraud investigation. Some GOP leaders missing the boat to prevent future Dem voter fraud. Why else would Democrats reject VOTER ID this long? Many OTHER reasons, below, to believe voter fraud is REAL!


There are many reasons voter fraud is REAL.

“Just for fun , next time you vote go early and give them a neighbor’s name and address (before your neighbor gets there)  and see how easy it is to vote using someone else’s name .  (Then, just to be honest, tell them you made a mistake and give them your correct information just in case your neighbor later shows up to vote.) But, this is just to show you how easy one can vote illegally, using someone else’s name and address – and not once but many times over.  If you gather a list of people who you know aren’t voting, or who are dead, you could have a real field day.     This just shows one of    many reasons  why voter fraud is REAL. Last time I was voting I could have easily grabbed the pile of empty ballots just sitting on an open table awaiting someone to pick them up and stuff the ballot box.  

‘Why else would the Democrats have rejected VOTER I.D. this long and why were Obama and company so intent on bringing in all the Syrian and other  immigrants right before the election?  Why did Hillary friends McAuliffe and Kain enable 200,000 Virginia immigrants to vote at the last  minute? And, how did Trump gain votes after the Jill Stein recount but lose 3 million after being nearly tied on election night??? Too many questions to go unanswered. Sure, ego is involved – for good reason – but so is CHEATING. See below video with New York City Commissioner of Elections calling out all the fraud just in New York precincts. And, what about all those inner city precincts that have showed GOP candidates receiving ZERO votges, e.g. Romney in 2012 despite a minority voting percentage of nearly 10%. (Romney should have had  at least a few thousand votes in those Philadelphia, Chicago and other voting precincts). Now , we will see if the same thing has happened to Trump in this past election – and maybe put an end to Democrats crowing that Hillary won the popular vote.  No wonder former DNC chair Debbie X!? Shultz  is so upset that Trump is doing the investigation – perhaps they will find out mor on her, this after she was kicked off DNC for  helping to enable  Hillary’s  primary win over Bernie, much like temp DNC chair Donna Brazille was bounced from CNN for giving Hillary debate questions in advance,  as were other media commentators like Holt and Harwood showing their obvious  bias, but the latter was ONLY indirect voter manipulation.  Good for Trump for holding his ground and not giving in to the Democrats so easily,r like Paul Ryan and the like.  May justice prevail. 





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(Veritas Project – James O’Keefe)  Alan Schulkin, commissioner of Board of Elections, New York City tells how voters are bussed to at district and other elections and the refusal to use ID cards and other methods of voter fraud

RIGGED ELECTIONS? You Bet – Three Ways Documented

    Recently Obama excoriated Trump for calling them ‘rigged elections. ‘  Of course, the media has condemned rigged election  statements and  even the GOP establishment has tried to play nice, as usual, denying any rigging. But, in truth , not only are the elections rigged, but on many counts including VOTER FRAUD, MEDIA BIAS and other methods

We need look no further than early this year when Obama sent operatives to try to influence Israel election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu. In 2002 there were Democrat cries of voter fraud when John Kerry lost and again in 2000 when Al Gore lost.  But when it comes to our own U.S. elections Republicans are not allowed to make any such claims, even before the election. Donald Trump is actually being proactive, what with all the reports (mainstream media won’t publicize) of voter fraud.

Now , thanks to good investigative reporting from James O’Keefe and his Veritas Project (SEE VIDEO ABOVE)  we have HEAD OF  New York elections  who describes how to  cheating is done  in  New York elections!



It’s a known fact that heavily minority precincts in Philadelphia, Chicago and St. Louis showed not a single vote for Romney last Presidential Election (2008).  Minority was not strong for Romney but at around 10% there should have been at least in the hundreds of votes, per precinct. To think not a one is incredible.

And, yes, we’re told that the elections are well controlled – yeah, as far as the person sitting by the ballot box who takes people’s ballots, often by hand . Then there’s the counting of the ballots where anyone can fudge and put down whatever they want. There’s not enough ‘control’in the world to hire people to stand over every ‘counter,’ especially when  often the entire staffing is left-leaning. Can imagine the folks in charge laughing as they  count ballots. To further this point read this:


Many liberals are adamant there is no threat of voter fraud that justifies efforts to improve the integrity of elections. “There is no real concrete evidence of voter fraud,” tweeted Donna Brazile, former acting chair of the Democratic National Committee, this week. “It’s a big ass lie.” reports John Fund in a National Review  story from October22, 2014 . That’s the same Donna Brazile who this week tried to deny wikileaks emails showing her giving insider media tips  to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“Voter fraud is incredibly difficult to detect and prosecute, absent a direct confession,” Gessler says as he notes that in other areas of law-breaking, we do not judge how much of it there is merely by the number of related prosecutions. But he also notes there is evidence of just how easy voter fraud is to commit. Last December, New York City’s Department of Investigation detailed how its undercover agents claimed at 63 polling places to be individuals who were in fact dead, had moved out of town, or who were in jail. In 61 instances, or 97 percent of the time, they were allowed to vote. (To avoid skewing results, they voted only for nonexistent write-in candidates.) How did the city’s Board of Elections respond? Did it immediately probe and reform their sloppy procedures? Not at all. It instead demanded that the investigators be prosecuted. Most officials are loath to admit how vulnerable election systems are, but privately many express worry that close elections could be flipped by fraud.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/390893/james-okeefe-strikes-again-john-fund

      Other examples of voter fraud/complicity:
  •  106% of registered voters voted in San Francisco (likely including dead people’s names used by people  to vote twice or more)
  • 2010 Acorn Voter Fraud (James O’Keefe)
  • Democrats refusual to require ID cards to vote





Mainstream media helps determine election outcomes by selective reporting. For example the week when media had a field day bringing out the women supposedly molested by Trump, the women were given 24 times more coverage than Wikileaks, which was a much bigger story with dozens of ‘tentacles’ with real implications. The women were only ‘trotted out’ by the DNC and media as part of their ‘October Surprise.’ See ‘BACKLASH’  for more.

We also just learned that 96% of donations by media go to Hillary and the Democrats.  If that doesn’t say it all what does?


3) Other – Disruptions

     Just out from James O’Keefe (Breitbart – not reported in mainstream media) is real backing information how the Democrats orchestrated violent disruptions at Trump rallies . Democrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,” according to a new video investigation released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas. This is just one example of other ways Democrats influence elections and politics.


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