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Obama Accomplishments

Forget Obama Presidential ‘Approval Rating,’ now a biased product of the mainstream media, manipulating nuimbers to coincide with Obama’s best days, rather than a composite average of eight years. And , what really determines ‘approval rating,’ per se? How’s about ‘ACCOMPLISHMENTS’ as a better determiner of a President’s time in office?


Forget ‘Approval Ratings’ 

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

-and who’s saying it…

We watch as Obama destroys the country with pardons hundreds of criminals and other executive actions, yet CNN, ABC and other mainstream media will tell you his ‘approval rating’ is higher than ever..  BALDERDASH!

Truth be told the so-called approval ratings come largely from these same mainstream media outlets that phrase the poll questions in such a way as to get higher ratings, plus , presidents always rate better at the end of their terms, and, rather than averaging results form throughout Obama’s eight-year term the media has us believe the always higher ‘ending’ number is Obama’s composite , accurate figure. 

In fact, true approval ratings are an average of a president’s entire time in office, but that’s not done anymore. The media cherry pick  those times to run the numbers when Obama is at a high point.

Now, as far as the wording of the poll questions…
It’s interesting that Gallup chose to modify the typical approval poll by basically changing the word ‘approval’ to ‘accomplishments‘ and we see a major change , that seems to more accurately reflect the actual state of all things Obama


More Accurate Approval Rating as Composite of entire term, though numbers are still manipulated by whoever is controlling the poll, in this case Gallup

APPROVAL RATINGS – To be accurate they must be an average of all years in office. This is not being done in current media some reports claiming  Obama as having upwards of a 50%  approval rating

“Asked about the state of the nation over the past eight years (per new Gallup ‘accomplishment’ poll at top of page), Americans say the U.S. gained ground in only  four of 19 policy domains, and they say it lost ground on 14 and held steady on one,” said the Gallup press statement, which highlighted factors deemed favorable to Obama.

The public sees “the biggest setbacks on the federal debt, crime, the gap between the rich and the poor, and race relations,” Gallup admitted. Those grades were, respectively, minus 36 percent, minus 35 percent, minus 34 percent, and minus 27 percent for “race relations,” Gallup acknowledged. Obama also scored minus 7 percent when Americans were asked about the “situation for blacks.”

Overall, the public graded Obama’s accomplishments as a htfg in the survey, which was taken Jan 2 to Jan. 3.

By the way, try asking a pro-Obama person of his accomplishments and you’ll be hard pressed …Osama Bin Laden killing may be the only one, and, as we know, nothing ever came of that which was a risk taken that was initially facilitated by the Bush Administration