REPUBLICANS INCREASINGLY DIFFICULT PATH TO WHITE HOUSE DUE TO INCREASED, MANIPULATED IMMIGRATION -With increased Immigration tweaked by  Democrat administrations (which equates to more Democrat voter registration) , GOP must win more and more Red states – and even that will not give assurance as red states begin turning blue. In four years it could well be too late to have another Republican President with our current electoral college system – and even total numbers of votes as Democrats continue to grow in numbers despite tens of thousands dissatisfied Democrats. The West Coast and New England used to elect GOP as well as Democrat Presidents. Not any more.  AS seen above, Trump must win  the great majority of state – and even that won’t assure him election.  AS it stands, with CA, NY and above blue states pretty well set, Trump/GOP must get difficult states of Florida, Ohio, NOrth Carolina, Nevada and possibly Pennsylvania and New Hampshire to win. It never used to be like that with above with most of those states ususally votingGOP.


GOP’s  Last Chance for Survival as Democrats Swell Voter Rotes With Increased Immigration, Dirty Tricks


How quick we forget that there was a time not long ago when California and New York voted Republican. But not any longer. With enhanced immigration, the map of America has changed – and so have voting rolls. And, it hasn’t been unintentional.


Now the two biggest states, California and New York , are Democratic locks, making it much more difficult for GOP candidates to win. In the Presidential race, a GOP candidate must now win   the great majority of smaller states to make up NOT being able to win in the immigrant-swept CA and NY where new immigrants are quickly registered Democratic as they are ushered into America. It’s all about votes for the Democrats- especially now with Obama bringing in more than any president before.  Hillary , if elected , would outdo Obama as she promises to bring in over a  half million Syrians, not to mention all the other countries.


So, for those lukewarm, ‘establishment’ Republicans who are ‘sitting out’ this election because they have some problem with Trump, with plans to ‘regroup ‘ for the next election four years down the road GOOD LUCK.  If Hillary gets in there will be no turning back as Hillary finishes off what Obama has started.  Anyone for ‘open borders’  should be rejected immediately unless you want more of what you’ve gotten these last eight years- higher taxes, higher prices, higher health care costs and less income.

We won’t go into Dirty Tricks But there have been plenty, as we write about in other blogs.

If you want to learn more about how America will change with Hillary as president read SCORCHED EARTH and ARMAGEDON. You will be sickened and probably vote for Trump even if he isn’t the perfect candidate.




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