TRUMP WINS DEBATE – NOW IN LEAD (Don’t Believe Mainstream Polls*)


IBD Investor’s Business Daily – same poll that has predicted the winners of last Presidential elections.




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Why should Trump accept election results now when very (and legitimately) concerned about rigged elections?  T-shirt Sale

DEBATE 3:  TRUMPS’s Honesty, Substance Again Dismissed by Mainstream Media


        Trump’s Debate Refusal to Answer Whether He Would Support Election Results Was  Perfect Follow Through 

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The subject of Donald Trump’s wrath regarding the very question in question, the Media -as in rigged election – took Trump’s very honest, correct answer to “Will You Honor the Results of the election’ and tried to turn it into a negative.

The fact is that Trump was perfectly correct in holding back on the expected ‘PC’ answer that he WOULD accept the final result. Here, one of Trump’s biggest concerns has been  with the ‘rigged’ election of which he (and many) feel the Media has played a big part.  Trump would not have been true to himself to simply give in and say he would accept the election result.  With the media assault on him as well as voter fraud including new immigrants brought in to swell the Democrat rolls, Trump said exactly the right thing in the right way. He didn’t say ‘no’ but ‘we’ll see in time,’ in effect. A perfect answer. Trump was not ready to say that the elections will be ‘free and fair,’ to quote Hillary and her note that no candidate has ever NOT  honored the results in over 200 years of our country’s history. That’s why Trump is Trump, whose un-PC style appeals to so many disenfranchised /outsiders


Of course the Media, itself, unable to see through their own blindness ( or at least admit) what they’ve brought upon Trump by unfairly reporting in both content and extent.  Sadly, even many Republicans including the the VP candidate fell for the trap.


If it wasn’t this topic , the media would have surely found something else as the LEAD HANGER by which to ‘get’ Trump.  They also ignored the REAL SUBSTANCE brought out by Trump in terms of REAL CORRUPTION in which Hillary has been  involved.  As usual, the left -leaning pundits all hung on Trump’s words more than the context of which they were part   Time and again, Trump brought up real corruption for which Hillary has been involved, even once again noting she should not LEGALLY be allowed to run for President with her corrupt track record.

Trump Spontaneous, Prepared

All in all, Trump was much more spontaneous – and, yes, prepared, not the rote, talking points character of Hillary. Hillary was so prepared she even went with her planned notes on the topic of violence at Trump rallies. Trump had actually brought up earlier in the debate the new leak  that showed in video living color that  the Democrats conspired to cause the disruptions at many of the Trump rallies.  Trump’s closing comment was excellent, going with basically, ‘Do you want real change or four more years of Obama?

Trump is the boldest of candidates. That boldness is sometimes misconstrued as mean-spirited or too aggressive, but that’s Trump’s appeal. Without such attributes Trump would have never come as far as he has.  Kudos also to Chris Wallace, who both sides have agreed has been the best moderator in some time.   Fox News, though known to lean right, is probably the fairest of the mainstream media.  More ‘rigged election’ fodder in that the Republican candidate has to put up with more of the other sides’ more salacious, more biased moderators

While Hillary didn’t add anything new, going with much the same talking points as before.  Sure, Trump could have spent more time on the new Wikileaks revelations that have gone against Hillary, but with so much other ‘ammunition’ Trump did well to cover as much as he did.  (And, yes, in a normal election one might not delve into Wikileaks , but for all Hillary has hid from the same corrupt media as already discussed, more power to Trump to seize on this information we would have never gotten out of Hillary. If the Wikileaks were doctored in any way, that’s  up to Hillary to prove them wrong since Trump and company haven’t been able to even get a hearing with the left-leaning media.


Why We Can’t Trust Political Polls Anymore Nor Mainstream Media

DEBATE 3:  TRUMPS’s Honesty, Substance Again Dismissed by Mainstream Media


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