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Remember, when Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina burst out during a 2009 Joint Congressional Session telling President Obama ‘You Lie’ about allowing illegal immigrants free healthcare under Obamacare?

At the time Wilson came under much derision for a rare congressional ourburst against a sitting president of the United States. At the time even Politifact and others denounced Wilson as wrong. But, with time, we see more and more how Obama gets away with such REAL LIES.

It goes something like this.  Knowing that they WILL take illegals on Obamacare, they just don’t put it into the original ‘set up’ (with an option hidden somewhere in small print that things could change) that’s announced to the public.  However, down the road (as in ‘kick the can down the road’) Obama will put forth that option, allowing illegal immigrants health care.  As for Hillary, on her website she already shows illegals as being able to get healthcare.  OBAMA and HILLARY KNEW WELL THAT ILLEGALS WOULD BE ABLE TO GET HEALTHCARE ALL ALONG. They just hid it from the original plan as Obama did with ‘You can have your own doctor.’

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Flash, we just learned today, 9/1, from Reuters, that the government had secret loophole exemptions that allowed Iran to   uranium limits.  Iran’s uranium plants would not have been in compliance had they not made these secret deals. Again, this was all kept secret until after the Iran deal went through.   This from a David Albright of the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security, is based on information provided by several officials of governments involved in the negotiations  These actions are impeachable offences the American public was lied to about. This is the biggest issue of the year nobody is talking about.

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Technically, maybe they can say it wasn’t ‘written down’ at the time, thus it wasn’t technically a lie, but we all know now it was and is.

Everything in the Obama administration has been done politically, to get the vote, by ‘kicking the can down the road.’  We only see the ‘bad stuff’ come out after elections, like in the REAL health care plan where you CAN’T use your own doctor, necessarily. That we only learned AFTER Obama was elected to his second term.  Much of his plans have had contingencies to go into effect a year or two or four down the road.  Whoever the next president is will be in for a rude awakening, especially if it’s the Republican, Trump, trying to make positive changes in an economy with the double the deficit than eight years ago when Obama took office.

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