Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Clinton/Obama vs Trump

In school it went something like this: ‘Sticks and Stones Will Break Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me’

Former Secretary of State and Military Leader Colin Powell has come out against BOTH Hillary and Trump for different reasons. It reminds us of weak Judge who throws out a case when a sued party counter-sues with little merit but a lot of bombast. The laziest judges will come back and call it ‘a wash’ since both parties are suing each other without taking into account the REAL SUBSTANCE.
Donald Trump’s sometimes strong rhetoric (words) has annoyed and even angered many on both sides of the isle. But, as truly affecting America and it’s citizens they pale to the actual DAMAGE both Hillary and Obama have done by their ‘Sticks and Stones’ ACTIONS (which, actually are also the result of words (LIES), too. So, one go after Hillary and Obama for that, too, when it comes to ‘using your own doctor,’ ‘what difference does it (Benghazi deaths) make, etc.

Trumps words have not hurt or affected anyone, to our knowledge; no, we didn’t like Trumps personal attacks against Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, etc. during the Primaries but that was then Trump’s attention-getting style, which he has since toned down and hopefully didn’t leave any lasting scars on anyone. We doubt it. But Obama and Hillary HAVE left lasting scars via their words and ACTIONS , whether it be the rise of ISIS (or ISIL or DASH as only they say) , Benghazi failure , doubling of the national debt and decrease in family incomes during their reign,etc.


As columnist Charles Krauthammer notes in his column ‘The Bribery Standard.’ ‘ACCEPTABLE CORRUPTION’ has become the watchword of administrations of late which is what has allowed Hillary Clinton to get away with buying off her many donors via the massive ‘Clinton Foundation’ slush fund. More than 10 scandals later, nothing seems to bring her down – not even what appears to be Hillary’s failing health.
Obama is blessed with a smooth tongue and appearance but little else. But, even when he does ‘go off ‘ from time to time against the police or even the ‘white man,’ he KNOWS he’s immune from criticism, thus his unlikely 58% approval rating. Hillary is not nearly as smooth as Obama but , she, too, gets away with outright LIES and cronyism. Perhaps this explains , in part, the media’s ‘love afair’ with the those in power; perhaps , or likely, they , too, are part of the cronyism, benefitting either directly or indirectly from the Administration. Obama and Hillary are known to party with the liberal media and Hollywood’s elite, too.
Krauthammer appears to lump all Presidential Administrations together , regardless of party affiliation, with respect to their use of ‘acceptable corruption.’ And, that may have been true as late as Bill Clinton’s administration, during which he was impeached. But, with an ever-increasing division and lack of that ‘transparency’ they always speak to, only the Democrats ‘presidentials’ seem to ‘get away’ with literal crimes far worse than Watergate or anything before. If Trump had done a fraction of what HIllary has he would have been railroaded by the media long ago. As it is, they’re doing all they can to rid a man who has done little more serious crime than speak his mind.


Meanwhile, we see a country more divided than ever, whether it comes to race , ‘climate change,’ the war on terrorism, etc. It didn’t happen by itself, either.
The liberal left will try to ignore the latest Hillary or Obama scandal , eg. just today Obama bringing in another 10,000 Syrian Immigrants , without approval of Congress, yet they will report on Trump’s ‘strong’ language or an isolated building creditor or two who had issues with Trump.

Meanwhile, it’s all politics all the time for Obama. Just today he was out there campaigning for Hillary while she rests up from her pneumonia(?). As far as content , it was all about bashing Trump, but we somewhat understand; there aren’t that many positives to speak to Hillary and a whole lot more negatives

Former President George ‘W’ Bush rarely criticized personalities and that’s why he has stayed away saying anything against Obama, even though Obama has done his share of ‘Bush bashing.’ Even Bill Clinton was much better at reaching across the isle than Obama or Hillary. How else would Bill and the Bushes have become close friends to this day. From what we understand, Obama has not once called his predecessor Bush since taking office.
Meanwhile, Obama wonders why Congress hasn’t passed more of his legislation, so he goes out and continues to use ‘executive order’ which only further divides the parties and upsets the nation. Despite polls that say that most Americans are less happy with their plight eight years since Obama began his reign, they still approve of him and show HIllary in favored position to continue ‘Obama’s third term.’