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The New KKK in reverse

Milwaukee Police Chief Speaks from Experience & SOLUTIONS for Trump to Get On Track


                 Police Chief David Clark is from Milwaukee County and thereby capable of directly commenting on the latest ‘race riots’ , in Milwaukee.

david clark

Milwaukee County Police Chief David Clark

He notes all the problems that continued to be ignored by the media and much of society, particularly the left.  He notes the 70% families without father figures  (as compared to around 6% during the early 60s Kennedy Administration.  He notes how the Democratic party has run Milwaukee for 56 years, setting up it’s ‘government society’ (entitlement), which ‘has backfired.’   He says the leaders, as in other similar decaying cities, have accepted the decay and even promoted the ‘entitlement society,’ promising handouts.  At the same time these city leaders have turned away from old values of ‘self sufficiency,’ which are now concerned ‘uncool’ by the largely inner-city black population of Milwaukee and other cities. Instead, they play the blame game,  accepting the Black Lives Matter belief that white society is the culprit . There is no motivation to succeed on one’s own but just take what they can get from the government  who owes them and remain jobless (30% in the case of Milwaukee’s blacks),’  states Clark.

How Obama,Media,Entertainers Affect Cop Killings,Violence,Racial Divide 

more whites killed by blacks than blacks by whites.


…and it’s been downhill ever since

If one traces back that 56-year downward progression we end up in 1960, shortly before President Lyndon Johnson turned society on its head by authoring the 1964  ‘Great Society,’ which promised blacks ‘payback’ for  past iniquities. Just prior to that, blacks had begun to climb out from past racism and it’s ugly negatives under the JFK administration; things were improving on their own until Johnson went overboard, beginning the ‘handout solution.’  Kennedy  was for self-improvement.  He believed in helping the poor by cutting taxes and teaching and educating them on how they ‘could pick themselves up by their own bootstraps.’


Unfortunately,  we lost Kennedy   to a bullet and things have never been the same since.   Since then things have only gotten worse, whether it be unemployment rate, poverty, father-less families, etc. – despite Johnson’s programs supposedly meant to improve the situation.  Along the way we’ve seen various ‘artificial’ programs fails,  such as bussing ,  that don’t get to the root of the problem.


Rapper Lil’ Wayne stomping on American flag


Police Officer  Was Black – But You Won’t Hear That From the Media – Not that it REALLY Matters

The other bad thing about the Milwaukee riots is that the purported shooting of a black by a white policeman, was not true. It was a media conspiracy. We later learn that the police office is black, not that it matters. And, apparently, it doesn’ t REALLY matter to blacks.  So, much for our idea – and that of Houston councilman Boykins – of an all-black police force to at least temporarily mollify and quiet the rioting.

           war on cops book by heather mcdonald


Obama Absence Causing San Francisco Police   to Run Ads Asking for Support

           As usual, President Obama has been largely un-involved  when it comes to trying to help improve the  growing race problem.  During the latest race riots we didn’t hear a word; it was reported that he was playing golf.   When it comes to the new hate crimes and threats against whites  we hear nothing from Obama or his Secretary of State, Loretta Lynch

President Obama and his administration have been so absent from coming to the defense of the police while defending movements like Black Lives Matter, the police union in liberal San Francisco has had to take to running ads to ‘beg’ for support of those people to try to understand that the police are there to help these very people who are attacking them.



NOT from the San Francisco police ads but a something to consider



It may be too late for any real solutions. Fifty years of hand-outs by society may be already too-ingrained and the order in the black community.  Anything less will anger them and set off more riots, all fomented by the media.  Offering self-help  will probably now be laughed at; ‘Just give us the money.’   It’s to the point that there’s now a movement by blacks in Milwaukee and elsewhere , to rid themselves of ‘white privilege,’  as if that will ‘fix’  things.  In fact, this is nothing more than reverse racism.  Yet, on some college campuses, even the impressionable young whites are ‘sold’ the bill of goods by the media  and are refusing to live in all-white housing, devoid of minorities.


HYPOCRISY:    The above helps explains how Democrats  can welcome such ‘liberal causes’  as  mass immigration.    Of course,  if those people were going to live next to them they would never have it.

OUR LAST HOPE – What Trump Should Do


            If one looks at the real numbers, it’s pretty obvious things haven’t gotten better under President Obama but they’ve gotten worse. Hillary Clinton has already indicated she’d be a rubber stamp for Obama 2.0.  Like him or

TRUMP NEEDS TO EXPLAIN ‘WHY.’  Trump COULD BE a possible saviour but he’s spending too much time now focusing on the media, as they may deserve.  Trump must talk about REAL SOLUTIONS and what is going on and how he will  fix it.  That may be our only hope- and then, of course, Trump must win the election.

   IDEA – PLAN:  Trump Should Speak on Specific Topics at Cities Most Affected

Trump should begin an ORGANIZED plan, speaking perhaps each day or week on a different TOPIC and PLAN.  He can go to different cities that relate specifically to various issues.


For example,  on Monday Trump might go to Detroit to speak about unemployment and  rebuilding, since Detroit may be the most shattered city with miles of boarded buildings a result of  the recent economy.  On Tuesday it might be Milwaukee where Trump can TRY to speak to the Black Family, perhaps with Clark himself, on the dangers of entitlement and how , with the right help, blacks and others can HELP THEMSELVES to find jobs and a better way of life.  On Wednesday, Trump could go to San Bernardino or Orlando and talk about Terrorism and the causes and solutions in such areas where people were especially affected.  The messages would especially resonate in those communities especially affected by these particular problems, meanwhile building state-by-state GOP voter roles


Time for Obama and company to go after the REAL problems within the black community

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