Republicans may be too nice / honest to win   elections today.   It would appear the first order of business for Democrats is to win the election at any cost, rather than concern over bettering America. Republicans must keep this in mind  if they have any chance of winning.   Whether it be the suspicious bringing in of refugees just in time to vote or voter fraud at the polls or lying and cheating without consequence, the Democrats may have figured out what the Republicans don’t want to touch.


         We hear much about Obama and company proudly  bringing in tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and other third world countries especially this year as we near the big election. Crazy if you think its coincidental.  These immigrants, no doubt, liberal themselves, are also encouraged as part of the vetting process to vote Democrat to be sure to get all their ‘free stuff.’

Not legal citizens, you say?  Bah! What does legal matter anymore. With a lying, corrupt administration (‘You can keep your doctor’ and more)  and potential Presidential candidate Hillary even worse with her scandals-of-the-week, legal means nothing.  If dead people and dogs can vote so can legal or illegal immigrants U.S. citizen or not.

Why else would Obama go out of his way to bring in as many immigrants as possible right before the election. (And, with Obama so proud to have them here a month earlier than expected.)


Yesterday Even before the FBI identified new cyber attacks on two separate state election boards, the Department of Homeland Security began considering declaring the election a “critical infrastructure,” giving it the same control over security it has over Wall Street and the electric power grid. http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/homeland-eyes-special-declaration-to-take-charge-of-elections/article/2600592



                             Perhaps the recent speculation as to candidates’ health has some real legs with Democrats suddenly seeking assurance that the election would be called off should Hillary Clinton die before Novemeber 8.  May seem funny but that’s how far the Democrats are going to cover their bases to win this election. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-08-30/candidate-death-could-delay-or-eliminate-presidential-election



There there’s voter fraud.   In the last election, for example, cities including Philadelphia inner-city precincts had not a single person out of thousands voting cast a vote for Republican Presidential candidate Mitch Romney. It’s true that 90% of blacks vote Democrat and about 80% of Hispanics but to think that there wasn’t a single vote for Romney out of the tens of thousands of votes is incredible if not impossible.

Trump is thinking in the right direction planning   security to watch over polling precincts in certain areas. But can he get away with it? Try accusing the Democrats of voter fraud in those black precincts and the Republicans will hear nothing but cries of racism. Meanwhile, Paul Murphy in the American Thinker goes on:

Democrats hide the extent of fraud by combining a line of patter denying the existence of voter fraud while accusing Republicans of it with media blitzes publicizing and denigrating isolated, and often not very credible, claims like those that some voting machine somewhere mis-recorded a few conservative votes as liberal.

This is stagecraft 101 for magicians and propagandists alike: focusing audience attention on the insignificance of the occasional process failure in elections where millions of votes are counted while simultaneously raising emotional and credibility barriers against those who might otherwise get people to look a bit more carefully at what other members of the Democrat team are doing.

The bottom line on this is simple: the analogical frog needs to jump, and right now, if the 2016 and subsequent American elections are to be won by 50% + 1, and not by combining 40 something percent with fraud and a compliant judiciary.

It’s too late to radically change the voting or vote management processes for 2016, but legislators now in office can move immediately to remove or limit the use of lawfare to affect electoral process decisions. In particular, it shouldn’t take a Bader Ginsburg outburst to show that the much of the judiciary has become deeply politicized, is correspondingly unfit to render impartial judgement on deeply political issues, and should therefore not be called on to settle electoral disputes — meaning that other means of settlement, such as legislative committees or investigative juries made up entirely of retired police officers, must be found and empowered.

The reality is that in the 2016 election it now takes more than a majority for a Republican to win. Romney, for example, won about two thirds of all precincts nationwide and probably got in the range of 55% of the verifiable vote, but lost the election to nearly unanimous Obama support from nearly 100% turnout of potentially eligible voters in inner city precincts in key states like Ohio, where the certainty of being accused of racism for even thinking you couldn’t get that level of turnout for a week of free pizza and beer prevented any form of verification.

Electoral cheating has probably existed since the second election ever held, but cheating by American Democrats has now reached levels never seen before in a major democracy.
Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/07/how_democrats_steal_elections.html


It’s not just the Democrats, mind you. They say John McCain had his ‘good old boy’ network well in place to win his recent Senate re-election in Arizona by a landslide over a popular, up-and-coming candidate ‘who never had a chance,’ according to insiders.

But, it’s on a whole different scale with the Democrats, especially when it comes to the Presidential election.  Where Donald Trump still is trying to get his ‘infrastructure’ together, Hillary had hers together after the election four years ago and is only building on that.



So what if Hillary doesn’t do press conferences or have any real track record to run on.   Even with possible health issues, Hillary is being run out there like nothing matters.

Hillary’s whole campaign has been about attacking Trump since she has little or nothing to offer except negatives from her past.  But, it could be enough.  Trump and company may have some ‘real  needed change’ to offer but the Democrats stick together in lockstep as masters of the game.  Republicans will often disagree with honest dissention but Democrats will stick together even for the most corrupt of individuals.




Trump will be chided at length by Democrats if he tries to protect himself from these extraneous voting challenges such precinct voter fraud that have nothing to do with the issues / substance.

With the media against him, too, for any reason, it will be a big challenge to win the election.  His only change may be to have a strong debate, but there, too, the Democrats are working as we speak to have Hillary try to throw him off using any nefarious tactics they can.  Republicans must band together, for a  change, for what should be universally agreed upon as fighting voting and election fraud by Democrats.



Never before have polls been so ‘all over the place’ with differentiations from 1-10%  or more. http://wakeupamerica.roadtosuccess.us/2016/08/cant-trust-political-polls/

Even if some polls, like that of  the Los Angeles Times, show Trump as cutting Hillary’s margin to zero of late, it’s best not to get complacent. As noted earlier, even if Trump were to go ahead in the polls, you never know what other tricks Hillary and Company might have up their sleeves, e.g. ‘October Surprise.’   Ask the descendants of Thomas Dewey .


We’ve seen how performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) have become so prevalent in sports in recent years with the loosening of morals and values and what some may consider their right to ‘win at all costs.’  (Ten years after Barry Bonds popularized ‘the clear and the cream’ on his way to break the major homerun records, his same team , The San Francisco Giants would perfect  the art of steroid use, if you will,   winning  their first three World Series in 56 years thanks largely to  six KNOWN PED users and likely others who weren’t found out).  Just as sports figures feel they have the right to win their way, so have we seen politicians and, particularly the Democrat party lie and cheat to win. Thanks to the help of wiki-leak emails, we’ve seen former DNC leader forced out for unfairly orchestrating Hillary Clinton’s Primary win over Bernie Sanders , to go along with the above mentioned election fraud.  We’ve even seen the head of the FBI let off his old friend Hillary in the email investigation despite having admitted that HIIlary lied in five instances. Lies and corruption have also been found in Hillary’s Benghazi testimony as well as her Clinton Foundation contributions and numerous other scandals. One would think the Democrats could find a better candidate for President! And now, even possible health issues have been sluffed off even though the Democrats show concern on the side by looking into the possibility of a candidate dying before the election!

Add everything up and ‘THE ELECTION’ is just one big Sports Match ,particularly for the Democrats, like something out of TV’s popular ‘House of Cards,’ which we’ve only heard about. So many factors other than the important ones like substance will go into who wins this Presidential election. Hopefully , it will be the ‘lesser of evils,’ as some would say, that being Donald Trump, in our opinion. And, who knows, for all his bombast, Trump may turn out better than most  expected, just as Reagan surprised many going from B movie actor to President.  But, it will take an effort for the Republicans to stand up and , like it or not, play the  game with the Democrats. It will probably be the only way to win.

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