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Trump, Ingraham RNC Actions Turn Media On It’s Head -Trump Strategy May Unite Party


Not long after radio and TV commentator Laura Ingraham   opened the third RNC night by cleverly lambasting everyone from Hillary to the liberal media – but mostly the media- those same media thought they had caught Trump and the Republicans off guard, again,   with Ted Cruz ‘ speech.


Amazing but maybe not so surprising to see the  media go into happy convulsions over Cruz’  non-endorsement  of Trump during Cruz’ speech at the RNC Wednesday night July 20


Few read into the fact that Trump suddenly appeared  out of the RNC  shadows just at the moment during Cruz’ speech when the booing began after Cruz DID NOT ENDORSE, when expected, but instead told the audience to ‘vote your conscience’  The media could have taken this as a vote for Hillary – not Trump.

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The media  -left or otherwise- was shocked that Trump’s campaign would be so lax not to better ‘vet’ the Cruz speech. Never before has a non-endorsing speaker been allowed to speak at a convention such as this.


But, the media didn’t appear to draw the connection or realize the significance of Trump’s unlikely appearance -his second already before his Thursday night official ‘acceptance’ speech.


What has resulted is, instead of  Cruz   becoming victim and/or Trump the bumbler for not vetting the Cruz speech, Trump becomes the winner here.  In fact, it is said that Trump’s people did vet the Cruz speech, but allowed to Cruz to speak anyway, which appears to be part of Trump’s backhand strategy.


Armagedon - RNC

So, now  Cruz becomes the goat for still not endorsing Cruz even after being allowed to speak and Trump the good guy for allowing Cruz, and others – even John Kasich was invited to speak, and even become Trump’s vice presidential nominee.


No doubt, Cruz had taken more bullets than he had given out to Trump, during the primaries, but , perhaps as most pundits seem to agree, it was time for Cruz to have bitten the bullet, and endorced Cruz, per the  agreement by all GOP candidates that they would unify in the end.  Some are now saying Cruz’ career is done, though we hope not. Cruz has been the only ‘insider’  to defy the the GOP establishment. Had not Trump come along, Cruz would have been the easy GOP Presidential nominee, beloved by the Tea Party and GOP voters, even if despised by the GOP elite.

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In addition, Trump is no longer the media ‘enemy,’ at least for the moment with that honor now going to Cruz, for having the audacity -even for a Republican – for NOT endorsing the candidate ‘who brung you here.’ So, even the media has, for now, found a new enemy, in Cruz, taking their negative attention off Trump. The media will have to find a new ‘gotcha’  Thursday night to recapture that anti-Trump negativity, but it might not be that easy this time since Trump pulled a fast one on a very blind media, this time.


So, with Thursday night’s RNC finale, it will be interesting to see if Wednesday night’s incident  solidifies the party on the night Trump accepts the nomination.


Meanwhile, the media  is still caught up in their latest ‘gotcha,’  perhaps not realizing that what they thought was a snafu by Trump was actually a stroke of genius by  him.  What was another night of  largely-ignored (by the media) set of marvelous talks, this time by everyone from Ingraham to Eric Trump to Mike Pence may  shine, in the end. We’ll see.

 Trump RNC Move Turns Tables on Cruz, Media – Positioned to Unify Party

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