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We weren’t going to post this ‘ant-white rant’ by so-called comic
Jesse Williams but we thought it would speak for itself:  Anyone with
good judgment will come away with, hopefully, her own opinion that
this is the kind of thing that DOES and WILL incite impressionable young
people just as it apparently did Micah Johnson, according to his
parents.  Stuff like this should be  eschewed in the negative by leaders such as Obama,
who have heretofore chosen to ignore or even go along with such rot

More Cop Killings-Cop Killer’s Parents Speak in Rare Interview -Your Opinion Counts

 Why Obama, Media,Entertainers Exacerbate Cop Killings, Violence, Increased Racial Divide

In a rare, exclusive interview with the Blaze, July 11, the estranged parents of Dallas cop Killer Micah Johnson said that their son had changed after being discharged from his military service. Previously, they said he was a much more warm, responsive person with perhaps a slight lean to the right, but when he came back he was angry with the government for ‘lying’ and also against white America, especially after watching an ‘anti-white’ rant by comic Jesse

Did you know?  
Cops involved in killing of Baton Rouge and Minnesota blacks were NOT white. This has been a well hidden fact by media since the killings – another example of the media and leadership inciting, rather than trying to diffuse these such racial incidents with HONEST reporting 

rasmussen poll on race relations 2016

OBAMA HYPOCRISY – Your Opinion Counts

Yes, Obama made the obligatory appearance in Dallas a week later, cutting his European trip short, as the media likes to say, while still encouraging the flames of the Baton Rouge and Minnesota incidents. Meanwhile, Obama tells police departments that they are racist with ‘institutional racism.’ He ignores the fact along with media that the cops were not even white – if that matters (it would seem to matter to Black Lives Matter group) – while saying nothing against and even supporting BLM, which has shown to be a group fomenting violence. Obama appears hypocritical, trying to support both sides of the issue but giving much more time to the black deaths in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. Even if his initial speech from Poland, he had to mention the on-going issue of blacks killed by cops (and even though most past similar incidents have all exonerated the police

In fact, just over 100 blacks have been killed in America by cops this year while over 3,000 blacks have been killed by other blacks ,largely in America’s inner-city violence- a fact largely ignored by President Obama and the media as dozens of young blacks continue to be slaughtered in cities like Chicago, Cleveland, and Baltimore .


Black defenders complain that blacks are pulled over for traffic incidents at a rate 30% higher than others, but doesn’t that figure when blacks commit traffic and other offenses at a rate more than double that of other races? If anything the 30% rate may be lower than one would expect. Meanwhile, a new study showed that there is no difference in the rate at which police brandish guns against whites or blacks, which is also surprising. Based on the fact that blacks commit more of the crimes one would expect cops to be more cautious when dealing with blacks. If anything, we believe there is incredible restraint in police departments today in light of all the current anti-cop sentiment. Police today have especially high suicide rates and other problems much as do soldiers back from war.

cop killers

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Once the facts are known with incidents like Gates in New England, Ferguson, etc. , Obama never goes back to ‘clean things up.’ Obama’s prescription is always ‘payback.’
Every now and again he or one of his administration members such as Secretary of State Loretta Lynch will speak of ‘love’ as the answer, but it’s largely words. Next thing that comes out is more anti-cop rhetoric.

  How Obama Affected Dallas Cop Killings, Violence, Increased Racial Divide 

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cop killings

How Obama,Media,Entertainers Affect Cop Killings,Violence,Racial Divide