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obama as did by pryor
Obama as Pryor- See below video

Comic great Richard Pryor never knew President Obama, but he did an impersonation of Obama 32 years earlier (above) having no idea that his impersonation would not be unlike the real first black president,who would come to power in 2008. As noted in comments below, Pryor might have been a better president than Obama 

Obama Channels Richard Pryor

OBAMA CHANNELS RICHARD PRYOR After Pryor Predicted,Portrayed Obama 32 Years Earlier

7-5-16   Sounding more like Richard Pryor than a President, Obama jives with this No Carolina
stump audience for Hillary as Presidential candidate- and only hours after the FBI let her off from serving jail time. Interesting how Obama and Hillary seemed to KNOW that she would NOT be
It was the first time a sitting president ever went out with a Presidential candidate
under investigation for possible treasonous activity in her previous role as Secretary of Defense.

While stumping for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, President Barack Obama , in his best ‘po peoples’ accent including stuttering and all, told the crowd that ‘there’s never been any man or woman more qualified to be president than Clintonbelieve it or not – the same day FBI director Comey provided a long list of lies and deceitful email- related activities the FBI has uncovered, even if letting her off, likely due to pressure. Obama also says that he has reduced the deficit by 75% despite doubling the national debt to $20 trillion. Before his speech Tuesday, the president also led the crowd in a chant of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee’s name. “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” Obama said.

Pretty interesting for two people who supposedly hate each other. Democrats are pretty good at make believe. Of course, not a mention of the long investigation that uncovered much wrong-doing by Hillary – an investigation that makes Watergate and Nixon look like a picnic. But times change and more than half the nation , at least, doesn’t seem to care anymore and is prepared to elect a president who has been riddled by scandal along with  her husband, Bill Clinton, for most of their political life.
Would be really interesting to see ol’ Bill join Obama and Hillary on stage. That would really be something!

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OBAMA CHANNELED RICHARD PRYOR After Pryor Predicted,Portrayed Obama 32 Years Earlier

Phish Munger 

Pryor would have been a far superior president than Obama.

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